Tony N Angie Report: 10 Centimters Improved!

Today, a day of showing off the 20/20 gains.

E-mail progress reports are great (and still where we get most of our improvement reports).  Facebook is even better since it handily deals with the nay-sayers who like to wonder whether Jakey and his amazing Photoshop (and fake bad grammar) skills are making up all the things when posting e-mail screenshots.

Of course most long time readers know that my ambitions don’t stretch quite far.  But then there are also profile pictures and pretty formatting when you use Facebook to share your experiences.

Here’s Tony N Angie posting progress in our darling Facebook group, including fancy charts and data points, which we nerdy ones always love:

10 centimeters, nice!

Love Tony N Angie’s graph?

It’s quite easy to make the Mac version of Excel (Numbers?) to make pretty graphs out of your data points.  So if you’re keeping score of your centimeter gains on a Mac, I highly recommend using Numbers to make all your gains look awesome with cool charts.  (Excel probably does those things too, though your eye guru isn’t savvy enough for all that technology.)

Want more community discussion and help with your myopia?  See our darling Facebook group!

I keep posting these reports for those of you who need that little push to get started.  Do you really want to live your life behind those smudgy lenses, when clearly it’s entirely not necessary to limit yourself that way?

Go out, make some 20/20 gains!  



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Tony N Angie Report: 10 Centimters Improved!
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