6 CM Improvement: Air Traffic Controller Reduces His Myopia

One of the things I often emphasize, is that the eye guru method to improve your eyesight is focused on quick, tangible, real results.  

Even without becoming a vision biology expert, without doing eye exercises, without buying eye vitamins, without changing your life … you can just dip a toe in, and get noticeable results, right from the start.

Disclaimer:  There is some degree of sort of, “trickery” involved with that part.  Mostly the quick initial improvements are tied to reduced ciliary muscle strain, which is an easy fix.

It’s the first step, realizing that ciliary spasm is real (if you haven’t been to Google Scholar and searched for pseudo myopia yet, you should).  Realizing that you can measure that strain, that you can reduce that strain, that the reduction results in increased centimeter, will help you separate fact from fiction.  Learning that the diopter numbers of your lens prescriptions are just inverse meters (i.e. the centimeter is incredibly relevant) is like peeling back layers on a secret society and their obscure practices (I’m looking at you, optic shop guys).

I want you to have that experience, so you get equal parts curious and confident in your abilities to figure out your myopia.  Most people who take that first step, never quit.  It’s too easy, too fun, too obvious, once you get that first bit.

That’s why these e-mails make me smile:


See what I mean?

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You’re not going to pull back the curtain on myopia like this, and then just go back to being a sheeple to the lens sales machine.  You’re going to take it all the way, take your eyes back.  At least that’s what I’m rooting for, for you.

Housekeeping:  Remember, starting tomorrow, Myanmar.  I might be temporarily offline a day or two, here and there.



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6 CM Improvement: Air Traffic Controller Reduces His Myopia
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