Somebody Has To Be The Awesomest

I was going to make the title more something like, “an ode to the wise and immortal eye guru”.

Restraint, kittehs.  A virtue, they tell us.

The way I deal with all the improvement reports and stories and e-mails and comments, is to make screenshots, save them in a folder.  Then when it’s time to do blog posts, open that folder, grab one of the stories, put it up here in the blog for you.

And, backlog.  The folder is always rather full and I never get caught up.

Which is a wonderful problem, do keep those messages coming, I’ll deal with the challenge of getting them all up here on the blog.  There’s quite a bit of feedback on your stories, so readers definitely appreciate you taking the time to share!

Let’s do the ode thing then, today.  That’ll cover several of the screenshots, all at once.

(You can find all of these over on our Facebook group.  Sometimes I remember to save the original threads, other times you have to go find them yourself.)

In no particular order:

Want more community discussion and help with your myopia?  See our darling Facebook group!


Ode, plus neat trick.  Two-for-one.

The Facebook group still seems like a good idea.  Surprise!

Plus I like using it, like I was saying the other day, since Facebook screenshots are more apparently transparent than e-mail screenshots.  I’ve been accused a million times by Doubty McTrollerfaces that I must be sitting around photoshopping e-mail stories all day.  Which is flattering because ambition, which in reality I don’t have any of.  So thanks, trolls.  

On to more odes. 


Inciting dissent, the one thing your eye guru is good for.

Each of these stories is easily worth a post of its own.

If you’re going to take away anything from these, is that I’m not doing much of anything besides giving you tools to find your own answers.  Perhaps with a little nudging here and there but mostly it’s you on your own path to wisdom and action.  It’s all out there, endmyopia is merely arranging the puzzle pieces into a nice, clear, obvious picture.  

One more.



Part of my motivation is exactly what Rachel talks about.

There is just so, so, so much bullsh*t out there.  Online as much as in the real world.  It annoys me to no end to read about all the hippie unicorn farming vision improvement that people end up baited with.  You just can’t help it but say, “no, no, that’s absolutely not how the human eye works”.  


Plus, a little paying it forward, endmyopia, and some procrastination, and some making people put up with my writing.  And a dash of flattery, and some trolling of the mainstream.

Who’s the awesomest?  You are!  Keep making all those 20/20 gains (and sharing your success).



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