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Science.  The garlic to most online vision improvement vampires (of your wallet and sanity).  You won’t find many links to Google Scholar and clinical studies and optometry journal articles on most vision improvement sites.  Why?

We wont dare to speculate (or speak ill of the unicorn farmers).  But here you will find discussion about vision biology, about discoveries in optometry science, and many studies and articles relevant to understanding myopia and your eyesight.

Neural Response To Flicker Rates: Artificial Light Causes Myopia?

We're going to go serious on some full-on hardcore science, today.  Neural activity and all the whatnots.  Pull up your sleeves, for this one.Artificial-anything should be suspect, when it comes to your biology functioning correctly.We already figured this out.  Often I think of artificial as equals = incomplete.  We know this about food.  We don't (people in general) know this about light.  And without going over the edge here with hippie fruit loop talk, light is the food of our eyes, [...]

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Singapore Ophthalmologist Insists: Glasses Don’t Cause Myopia

82% of Singapore's youth is myopia.  Eighty-two percent!  That's shocking.  Imagine any physical deficiency, "illness" so major that it requires a permanent prosthetic to be worn, affecting eight out of every ten people.  If it was a leg issue, you'd have eight out of ten of your family members walking around in crutches, or sit in wheel chairs.  That's crazy.And that's the case with myopia, in Singapore.  Eye doctors should be all over this frightening vision health epidemic, looking for [...]

Is The Snellen Test Lying About Your Eyesight?

Allan Hytowitz claims to have invented a new way to measure visual acuity.  The real question is:  Did this guy just leap ahead of every eye chart you've ever seen, with a brilliant new way to measure eyesight and myopia?Or is it all just crazy talk?  Stick around, find out. Yesterday I cheated a bit, and covered several topics (and two Youtube videos!) in one post.  It's the only way to start clearing some backlog, get ahead of the blog and [...]

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Living With Blinders: No Peripheral Vision Killing Your Eyes?

We talk about peripheral vision every so often, here in the blog.Here's a quick and possibly startling fact:  You don't use your peripheral vision, when you're staring at screens.  You use only about 3% of your retinal surface, in fact.  Is this something you should worry about?Some clinical science suggests that you may in fact become myopic, because you're not using your peripheral vision.  More on that in a moment.Peripheral vision falls into the wider category of vision health, and a [...]

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Is Going Outside The “Cure” For Myopia?

Go outside, don't end up with glasses.  Or so some will tell you.  Any truth to this?There was quite a bit of media coverage recently, about another circle jerk of a poorly designed study, taken out of reasonable context, turned into the soundbite of "go outside, don't need glasses"."There were some studies suggesting the protective effect of outdoor time in the development of myopia, but most of this evidence is from cross-sectional studies (survey) data that suggest 'association' instead of [...]

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Contrast Sensitivity

Written By DespinaContributing OptometristIf you have been doing the program for a while now you will be familiar with the Snellen letter chart and your visual acuities, and the significance of measuring your visual acuity in different ambient lighting conditions. You will have practiced active focus at different times of day, and noticed the vast effect that ambient lighting has on your vision and focusing ability.The Snellen chart was developed by the Dutchman, Dr Herman Snellen, in 1862, primarily for [...]

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