Angela: When I’m Just About To Give Up

Do you ever look through your reduced diopter glasses and feel like you’re just not making any progress?  Do you look at the world and blur just won’t clear up?  Have your centimeters not changed in what seems like forever?

If you had any of these experiences, this post is for you.

Just the other day, we had our first quitter of the year.

Swagger-bro type.  “Hey Jake, I need the sessions faster.”  “Hey Jake, this is redundant.”  “Hey Jake, I’ve already read half that stuff in the blog.”

Part of the reason that we have a strict nobody-under-25 rule is that this weeds out a lot of the impatient, know-it-all, hurry-up-and-forget-it attitudes that come with youth.  It’s not their fault at all, it’s just that I haven’t managed to put together another version of the program that would cater better to that personality type.  

The blog of course, is one good solution for the impatient.  It’s all there, no structured approach, one can go gorge on information to their heart’s content.  

You know that I try to obscure the entrance to BackTo20/20.  No direct link on the site.  Weed out the impatient by having a long, detailed, drawn out e-mail series before any invites go out.  The impatient unsubscribe long before the invite.  And then invites that do make it expires in a few days, so we weed out the procrastinators.  (For their own benefit, since we’d fail them anyway, with how we approach myopia reversal help.)

Anyway, you probably know all this already.  A lot of moving parts, with personalities and me not being there in person to keep everybody sorted out.

Want more community discussion and help with your myopia?  See our darling Facebook group!

The final part of the equation to make 20/20 gains possible for a really diverse group, is of course the forum.  Whatever incompatible way of thinking wasn’t weeded out by the invite system, whatever challenge we weren’t able to predict, prevent, or engage with the sessions, we deal with in the forum.  (Of course that also makes the forum awesome for browsing posts.)

Check out Angela’s post, on her experience with trying to make progress:


See what I mean?  Btw, the thread is an interesting one (“second normalized and still at 20/20), see it here (if you are a logged in member).

Sometimes you’ll change normalized and centimeter goes up immediately.  Other times, it seems like it won’t budge at all.  Having the forum gives you that outlet to compare notes, to get feedback, encouragement from fellow students, and suggestions from me.

So don’t ever give up.  Trust the sessions, and when you’re just not feeling it, post in the forum.  It’s perfectly ok to rant, to vent, or just to do some considered accounting of your troubleshooting efforts.

Realize that your biology is complex, unique, and that many factors play into your efforts.  Hang in there but also be aware of your limits and know when to ask for help.  Keep a log so you can look back and review your history and possibly connect some dots for helpful troubleshooting.  Myopia reversal always boils down to just 1) strain and 2) stimulus – your eyes aren’t broken, it’s just a matter of making sure those two simple points are addressed correctly.

Of course if you’re just doing great and all is going swimmingly, post your progress stories too!  😉


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Angela: When I’m Just About To Give Up
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