Anna: 1.5 Diopters Improved! (How She Did It)

I feel like we need the next few days exclusively for reader e-mails.  It’ll be the only way to get at least remotely caught up with some of the great improvement e-mails we’ve been getting.

Here is Anna’s awesome progress:


Note too, Anna did this with just the blog (for those who like to cry how hard life is, clearly some motivation and perseverance pays off nicely).  

Anna is getting back to 20/20, there’s no question about it.  2017 is a realistic goal, and you could safely bet any amount of money that she will get there.  Once you know how your eyes work, once you understand myopia, once you start making progress, you’re not going to stop, you are going to get your natural eyesight back.  

And that, is the real genius of the @endmyopia approach.  

Get rid of those glasses, already!  😉


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Anna: 1.5 Diopters Improved! (How She Did It)
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