Another Quick & Awesome DIY Centimeter Measuring Tool

Centimeter.  A core tool of the endmyopia method.

Since centimeter measurements translate directly to diopters, you can get a lot of valuable information from your centimeter results, inter-day fluctuation in centimeter, and knowledge about whether your glasses have the right amount of correction for your primary viewing distance.

And if any of this is news to you, start with the diopter calculator.

One of the greatest strengths of endmyopia is that we continue building better myopia control tools through the combined insights of thousands of readers and students, from tens of thousands of data points and improvement reports, as well as feedback, issues, and questions.  

Let’s look at a neat centimeter measurement tool, today.  This one courtesy of a darling reader sending an e-mail with a picture (love pictures!) of her centimeter measuring tape.

I posted the picture in our Facebook group where it garnered enough thumbs up that I just had to repost it here for you.   Facebook is handy but less ideal for creating an archive of good ideas for new readers to find in the future.

So here it is.  Simple and ingenious all at once:

Want more community discussion and help with your myopia?  See our darling Facebook group!


That’s not the only one of course, there are other great student solutions.

I particularly liked this one.  

All part of a similar theme, sticking your favorite text at the box end of the measuring tape, for anywhere, anytime centimeter measurement.  

Necessity, mother of invention, and all those things.  We do have a definitely brilliant contingent of contributors and solution creators here.  Keep the ideas coming, along with your experiences and improvement reports!


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Another Quick & Awesome DIY Centimeter Measuring Tool
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