BackTo20/20: Active Focus Video Session

Finally.  New video session for BackTo20/20.  

See Session Group 3, session #15.  If you’re already that far or past that point, you can now stream the video session from your account.

Any issues there, please let me know.  

Plan is to allocate a bit of the freed up blog writing time for BackTo20/20 video sessions.  Of course also videos for YouTube on occasion just to make sure that we shock your retinas with a bit of Jakeface action.  

Which come to think of it, could totally be the future of @endmyopia.

Imagine ten years from now, a Jake having done way more acid than today-Jake, spent way more time in the sun kitesurfing, hit his head a few more times, gotten too close to mainstream exposure with all this myopia talk.

That’ll probably be when, while still keeping all the current systems and tools, I’ll reveal that what actually improves your eyesight, is gazing directly at my face on your screen (while of course still following the video sessions, working on strain reduction and stimulus, and reducing your diopter dependence).   Some mysterious NLP (neurolinguistic programming, actually fascinating bits from the 70s), doing Jake-magic directly inside your visual cortex.  Imagine, all the online unicorn pony aficionados would love, love, love it.  

Besides, who knows.  I’ve been known to indulge in the psychedelics in notable quantities, and also read most of the NLP books.  Maybe @endmyopia really is reprogramming your reality.

Want more community discussion and help with your myopia?  See our darling Facebook group!

No, not really.  

Ironically that’ll be when everything will truly have come together.  Right after your darling eye guru goes completely off the deep end.  Everybody will love the complete lunacy of it all.


In the meantime, safely enjoy a largely sane current program, and new video sessions.



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BackTo20/20: Active Focus Video Session
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