Barb’s First Normalized: Dropped From -3.50 To -2.00 (In 1.5 Months!)

This is pretty amazing.  Barb reports a 40% reduction in myopia in a month and a half.

Sometimes you read these progress reports, and you just have to think.  How’s that even possible?  What’s the scheme here?  Is Jake preparing some kind of eagle eyed cult scenario over there, wherever he is in Asia?

Let’s figure that out.  First, a quick look at Barb’s support forum post:


Look at that centimeter graph.  Data!  <3

Centimeter graph to show us what’s going on.  Starting at 45 centimeter, going to a current 49 centimeter.  It’s all there, the answers you’re looking for.

Barb started out with way too much correction – she measured 45 cm which equals -2.25 diopter, a full diopter less than she’d been using (the conversion calculator for cm to diopter is here).  Part of her reduction then was to get to a correction level that makes more sense for what she actually needs for clear distance vision.  The other part of her reduction is less ciliary spasm, the 4 centimeter she gained in distance since starting BackTo20/20.

Remember what I often tell you?

The Average Myope is Over Minused And Suffers From Ciliary Spasm

And Barb is the proof (or just one of many students who substantiate our position).

That first normalized, the corrected distance focal plane, after you figure out close-up lens use and strain management and better vision habits and learning active focus.  That first normalized can be a big drop.  Remember why?  Is it because Jake is a wizard from another realm?

Big drop is possible, since you tend to have way more correction than you need, from the optometrist.  Also, ciliary muscle strain plays a significant role in your net expressed myopia.

Reduce ciliary spasm, reduce diopters to a reasonable 20/20, and there’s what Barb ends up with.

Note here that in this case we’re looking at about 40% (!) of less diopters, for better-than driver’s license requirement distance vision.  Forty percent!  Since they elect to refer to glasses as ‘prescriptions’, that means 40% less ‘prescription’.  What do you think happens when your ‘doctor’ ‘prescribes’ you almost twice as much ‘prescription’ as you actually need?

Hyperopic defocus.  Scientifically validated primary driver of progressive myopia.

Retail Optometry Is Shortsighted Symptom Management

Those ‘prescriptions’ are what cause your eyesight to keep getting worse.  I’ve posted dozens of clinical study references that show this, ranging from all sorts of animal studies, to even human studies.  What Barb was wearing, that huge -3.5, was creating that myopia inducing stimulus.

Barb is now rid of that, just 2 diopters of correction left, and she can still see 20/20.

How does one not put that together, the first person accounts (of which we have hundreds, now with formalized data), and the clinical science, to say … this is one fu**ed up scheme, inducing a condition via a perpetual treatment that causes more of it, very profitably?

Maybe I’m just jealous.  

Here is Jake, small timing it with simple truths.   Not making the big money, not creating fictitious “illness” global myopia epidemics, not cashing in on making you depend on high-margin ‘prescription’ glasses (for the rest of your life).  

None of that.  Just a tattered guru robe, a scraggly beard, a knotted walking cane, an old laptop powered by bicycle pedals.   Grumbling to himself answering your e-mails and forum posts, dreaming of a small bowl of rice.

Geez, Jake.  Post is over.  Click publish, shut up already.



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Barb’s First Normalized: Dropped From -3.50 To -2.00 (In 1.5 Months!)
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