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We Don’t Do Bates Method.  Why?  Because our darling eye guru is tired of hearing from people telling him how it doesn’t work.  Yes, Bates was a pioneer, way ahead of his time, and if the path had continued, we likely would not have a myopia epidemic today.  We hold William Bates in the highest esteem.

But we don’t believe that “Bates Method”, today, is doing the man any justice.  This “method” you find online today, has little impact on multi-diopter, lens-induced myopia.  It won’t do a thing to induce axial reduction in your eyeball.  And it goes against many key things vision science has come to understand over the past century.  Still want to read more?  Here are some articles with Bates references.


Oh, kittehs.  Let's just come to terms with one thing:  It'll never, ever end, the "Jake-why-not-Bates" questions. Bates fans often think I'm just a disagreeable asshole (which is accurate of course).  I'm opposed to it though at the peril of my own popularity or potential for making all that Bates money.  I'm NOT opposed to it for your own disadvantage. I leave out the palming and sunning, because I don't believe it's an effective use of time.  See my comments [...]

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Adam Compares Bates & Endmyopia: A Must-Read For Curious Myopes

You know I get cranky about various vision improvement methods.  Cranky. Especially if you're part of our Facebook group and witness the reactions when people talk about eye vitamins and acupuncture and worst of all, eye exercises. But why do I get so annoyed?  Because, I'll tell you why.   We'll use Adam as a real life case, as he is currently participating in BackTo20/20.  Adam tried all sorts of vision improvement for 13 years prior (without much lasting success) before [...]

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Step Into My Time Machine

First rule of endmyopia club, let's have fun with all the things. Yesterday, the drama with Bates fans in the Facebook group.  That's fine, let's get all wound up on occasion.  Then Jake says, enough with the Bates talk.  But even then, several people still have to have the last word.  If you like to read into things, you might almost think they're heckling the poor old frail eye guru on his little mountain hideout. "Think about it Jake, you are [...]

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Bates Drama & Why I’m Such An A**hole

There's been a huge pile of drama in the rapidly growing (about to hit a thousand members in just a few weeks!) @endmyopia Facebook group. Subject of all the drama?  Bates.  It all started with Cliff innocently enough posting about being contacted by an optometrist who saw his YouTube video about his improving eyesight.  That, a great story, great (and rare) initiative, really the sort of thing we need more of.  Unbiased perspective, first hand experience, level headed perspective, sharing experiences, [...]

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Low Myopia, Plus Lenses, & Doubts About Progress

Do you have low myopia?  Tempted to tinker with plus lenses?  Wondering if you're actually making progress? Yes?  Then this post is for you! Toshiki posts an interesting and highly relevant round of observations in the support forum (in response to another post, the whole thread is here).  I'm reposting his comments here, since you're going to want to refer back to this, sooner or later: Objectively measurable long-term progress can be a bitch. I started in early February this [...]

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Bates Method Eye Exercises

Hey, look.  It's time for a Bates Method (and eye exercises) rant. Or is it? I should put a standard disclaimer on all Bates Method posts.  I'm not anti-Bates Method at all.  In fact, if optometry back in those old-timey, we-don't-know-much-about-biology times would have gone the Bates direction, I'd say we wouldn't have a myopia problem today.   At all.  Millions of people would be having other jobs, besides in optometry and lens making, and LASIK surgery selling, and retinal [...]

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