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Beware Of Bad Vision Advice: Don’t Quit Glasses Cold Turkey

Don't just quit wearing your glasses. I find myself saying this a lot, lately.  Must be something in the air, or in the water, or maybe Google is ranking crazy-talk more highly than usual. A lot has been said here already about not wearing glasses.  Like here, or in video format and explaining in detail why and how glasses might benefit your eyesight. Read those things, understand how diopters affect your eyesight.  Realize that glasses aren't necessarily the problem, but [...]

Endmyopia & The Powers Of The Internets

How the day (today) starts: I wake up to more than the usual pile of LASIK related e-mails. Actually that's not true.  I wake up for the 14th time at 5AM which is sunrise, a bunch of roosters begging to be murdered, and my little boy who has a fever and has been puking all night, wanting to get up and see the world. And the e-mails. Multiple of these, today. Usually I ignore whatever causes spikes in particular inquiries. [...]

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One Million YouTube Subscribers!

What you say?  One thousand, not one million? Whatever, don't be a buzzkill.  Besides, one thousand is completely a stepping stone on the surefire way to one million.  Every single channel with a million subscribers once had a thousand, therefore endmyopia = one million subscribers. Despite that infallible bit of logic, numbers are just a small part of the story. As in, there's not much reward in chasing numbers.  The real motivation is in individual interactions, and individual moments of success.   [...]

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Buy Your Next Glasses Here (Coupon Code)

This, a trial run project.  Whether we keep it or not will depend entirely on your feedback. If you are working on improving your eyesight, you need a lot of lenses for your glasses. First you have your close-up (differential) glasses, second you have your distance (normalized) glasses. Then you are probably going to be reducing diopters for both pairs on a regular basis, likely every 3-4 months.  That's four lenses every quarter, or 16 lenses a year.  Plus you're [...]

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Yikes, Twitter. Why Did We Just Dump 33.000 Followers?

Hello there, Twitter.  You got me all used to feeling angry, or anxious, and usually bewildered by my fellow humans, whenever I let you tell me what I should read today. Which is odd since it's just an account related to natural myopia control. Is it odd, or perhaps ... ironic? Either way.  We started our Twitter account because or then-social media expert said we needed it.  We followed her advice on Twitter things and follower things.  The account grew, she [...]

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Free Guides & Blog Vs. BackTo20/20

Is it worth paying for BackTo20/20? Posting this one as a quick article summary since it comes up in e-mail inquiries frequently, and this way I can just copy-pasta the link to this page from now on. I have also answered this question in various forms on the site, see this free-stuff-works for example. Short answer, I put everything, and I mean everything into the free guides / blog.  Lots of reasons for this, some of which are: I limit BackTo20/20 invites [...]

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