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Behind The Scenes.  Highly professional outfit that @endmyopia is, behind the scenes is all entirely sanctionable, appropriate, and educationally valuable content.

Or not any of that.  We take no responsibility for what you may find in this section.  (nor anywhere else, really … Jake is any PR professional’s amused nightmare)

Kicked 2 Diopters: -6.25 Down To -4.25 Since August!

Warning:  This post turned into a tiny bit of a rant.  Yikes!  😉 Yes, "kicked diopters".  Because, let's look at diopters realistically.  They're not much else than a (manufactured focal plane) drug addiction.   You were fine without the diopters.  Then at some point you had a focusing muscle spasm (blurry vision) and the establishment said, wow great, come in here, we can fix that for you right now.  With this product.  With this subscription-based, come back next year, you'll want more [...]

Comment Edition: “Jake Shouldn’t Exist on This Planet!”

Here's a secret to add to your knowledge of the mysteriously non-mysterious eye guru:  Jake equally enjoys outpourings of love and also, not-love.   That's right.  Love, hate, equally appropriate.  (As long as it's not indifference.)  Youtube comments in particular appear to host a lot of interestingly inspirational sort of messages (and grammar and spelling).  As they do say, never read your Youtube comment section! So let's read the Youtube comment section.  Or at least one highlight: Effort went into that outpouring of [...]

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20/20 For Free? Roll Up Your Sleeves!

It can be a challenge, just starting out, to wrap ones head around endmyopia and real vision improvement.   There's just a lot to take in.   Important here is to take your time, keep reading, keep learning, realize it's like a big puzzle - and it takes time to put enough pieces together to see the  whole picture. Let's take stock of all that is available on 1. How-To Guides (146) Counting 146 individual articles, as of this writing.  These includes [...]

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BackTo20/20 Bonus Sessions

Heads up, BackTo20/20 participants. Bonus sessions should now be loading properly for everyone, starting at Day 100.  They're loading one every 30 days, all advanced topics covering everything from low to high myopia to help you along the way and support you past the core program. Questions, as always, drop a line in the forum. Cheers, -Jake

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Beware Of Bad Vision Advice: Don’t Quit Glasses Cold Turkey

Don't just quit wearing your glasses. I find myself saying this a lot, lately.  Must be something in the air, or in the water, or maybe Google is ranking crazy-talk more highly than usual. A lot has been said here already about not wearing glasses.  Like here, or in video format and explaining in detail why and how glasses might benefit your eyesight. Read those things, understand how diopters affect your eyesight.  Realize that glasses aren't necessarily the problem, but [...]

Endmyopia & The Powers Of The Internets

How the day (today) starts: I wake up to more than the usual pile of LASIK related e-mails. Actually that's not true.  I wake up for the 14th time at 5AM which is sunrise, a bunch of roosters begging to be murdered, and my little boy who has a fever and has been puking all night, wanting to get up and see the world. And the e-mails. Multiple of these, today. Usually I ignore whatever causes spikes in particular inquiries. [...]

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