Behind The Scenes Update: Un-Daily-Ing The Blog

You might have noticed that the ‘daily blog’ link recently changed to ‘free guides’.  

Foreboding, kittehs!

My goal with the daily blog routine had been to get myself to spend a lot more time bringing you quality content. It’s easy to skip days or weeks without a habit and routine to enforce productivity.  Success is almost always about creating simple daily habits, to get you where you want to be.  That all looks to have come together fairly well, so it’s time to remove that constraint a little bit.

In other words, we’ll go from ‘daily blog’ to ‘frequent guides and posts and updates’.  

Now we have the Facebook group as another outlet to keep you in the loop, and while I’ll continue to post at least several times a week, it may not be every single day, all the time.

For the moment I’ll be putting some of that time towards the many overdue site fixes, videos (coming very soon again), and updating the monthly new sessions for BackTo20/20 students.  I’ll also check in and comment in the Facebook group even on non-blog days, so either way you’ll find me around here somewhere!

There’s also the semi-secret Instagram for off-topic bits, if you happen to be curious how your average illustrious, unsanctioned, dissent-inciting type of eye guru spends time away from screens.


Want more community discussion and help with your myopia?  See our darling Facebook group!

Even better when it’s not my face in the picture.

Hopefully you’ll keep coming around, and perhaps even make yourself heard via e-mail or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Youtube or however else you like to connect.  I love to hear from you!  🙂

I’m also still dreaming of adding to your motivation and enthusiasm by bringing more “living by example”, away from screens, doing interesting stuff, combined with eyeball talk.  You don’t after all want your eye guru to be some hunched, bespectacled library dweller, preaching not what you want to practice.  Right?

Come by, say hello, share tips and ideas on how I can improve your experience with @endmyopia!



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Behind The Scenes Update: Un-Daily-Ing The Blog
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