Can We Help? A Matter Of Credibility

“Nope Jake, it sounds fishy.  The whole vision improvement thing sounds like a scam to me.”

“Snake oil, all of it. “

“Didn’t really read it but I think it’s fake.”

“Can you give me the short version?”

“I tried something like that once, didn’t work.”

That and hundreds more comments like it, the net of a bit of research I did over the past two months.  I asked friends, strangers, people on the Internet.  Go to this site.  Tell me what you got from it.  You name it, I went to check it out.  It’s all been overwhelmingly less than positive, all told.

What is the big fault with #endmyopia?

Before we go there, consider that I’m coming from this from the consumer angle.  I too used to be myopic, and once day started looking for answers.  I’ve seen the scams and wishful thinking, and nay-saying optometrists.  I’ve been where most of you have also.  It’s pretty difficult to find a resource you can rely on.  But then most Internet scams are fairly obvious.  Huge claims, hoakey testimonials, some fake time constraint pressure to buy, a “wait there’s more”.   

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I wasn’t so much into the Web after my initial research and learning.  I went to see practitioners.  And eventually I ended up first helping friends, then friends of friends, and eventually total strangers with rehab.  Every person I ever talked to,, was a referral.  

So then, now, I end up here, with you.  You most likely are already in the camp of individuals who knows what works.  Which is why I would love to get your feedback.

What is this site lacking in terms of credibility?

Here are the plusses, as far as I can tell:

1)  It has a pretty decent amount of research and outside opinions, and summary of the whole myopia problem.  There is video content, lengthy PDF reading materials from independent and fairly credible resources.  

2)  There are years of open forum support content.  If there’s one thing I used to question about sites, was to what extent it was just a marketing scheme.  But here you can go back years and years and see what people talk about on the myopia front, and this site in particular.

3)  There is a Facebook page, though it looks fairly neglected.  Still, that’s been around for some time and has a bit of a following, despite the lack of promotion.  Not sure how much that matters either way, but some tell me the social thing is important.

4)  Various contact methods.  There’s the new Q&A section, and of course e-mail contact.  That always gets answered fairly expeditiously, at least as far as I’ve observed.   

5)  A rather active blog, with multiple insightful contributors, which has also been updated consistently for several years.  Usually the schemes sites aren’t very good about having a blog worth reading.

6)  These days the site even has my face on it (though that’s very possibly a minus point, scaring people’s kids and pets needlessly).  It has my e-mail in case somebody wants to get contact outside of this site.  

7)  It has a zillion accounts of individuals and their experience with improving their eyesight.  Unlike fake-style testimonials these also go back years and are updated regularly, from the forum.  Seems like it’d be an unheard of amount of effort for that to be manipulated.

8)  There is a newsletter and a paid course, but those don’t seem to me to be excessively promoted.  I had signed up for the newsletter a  year ago and got maybe three e-mails outside of the initial mailings of the PDF guides.  

So that seems fairly decent.

But clearly it’s failing a whole lot of the time, in getting a) people to be curious and b) get people to read, research, understand, and benefit.

Why is that?  Where is the big, major flaw in this site as a myopia guide?

I’ll be glad to put my personal Facebook page on it, if it’s a matter of individual accountability.  If the skeptics need my cell phone number or the gate code to my place, by all means.  Though I wonder if it’s something else.  

It’s rather vexing when you have a great experience with getting your eyesight back, and you can’t point your friends to a resource that allows them to have a similar positive experience.

If you have thoughts on the subject, drop me a line or share in the comments.

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Can We Help? A Matter Of Credibility
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