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So, here’s a great story.  Dennis started with endmyopia 3 months ago and is already down from -6.00 diopters to -5.00 diopters, a whole full diopter of 20/20 gains.   It’s an impressive piece of work! […]

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On YouTube: Is Endmyopia Bullsh#t?

Hey.  What’s all this talk about myopia being reversible, and not an illness?  About the mainstream being all about profit and not at all about actual vision health?  And who is this character, calling himself eye guru, claiming […]

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Maybe They Are Right

Look at those bags under Jakey’s eyes.

Your darling eye guru is mildly depressed, today.  Mildly.

Baby mama started a Burmese fitness channel a few days ago.  It already has more subscribers, likes, comments than @endmyopia managed […]

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