D.B.: -3.50 To -2.50 Progress Report

Today, a nice e-mail progress report from Dan.

As you read, note his progress rate which is right around the figures most eye gurus suggest.  Handy also his access to online shopping options, circumventing the massive markups and often condescending attitudes of local chain store outlets.

Patience and reading the blog before getting started with diopter changes is key to success.  Unless you are doing the structured BackTo2/20 approach, take the time to learn the basics and read plenty of these kind of progress reports (many of which have a great amount of additional detail and suggestions).  There’s a lot to be learned from others experiences, overcoming challenges, and things they’ve learned along the way.

Here is Dan’s update:

Holiday in Gainsville.

Keep making those natural focal plane gains!  🙂


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