Did LASIK, Spent $4,000, Horrible Floaters & Headaches

Here’s a comment Alex left on our Youtube video on crazy scary LASIK practitioners (if you haven’t seen it, click over or read the blog post here):


It’s a serious gamble, no re-do’s, this whole LASIK thing.

On a lighter note, did you see the video edit of the story about the Indian boy who beats all of modern optometry?  It’s silly of course, but also watch it here:


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Count yourself lucky if you haven’t done LASIK (or if you have and got away with it, that you did get dodge a bullet).  Alex’ life is less than great now, and he has little recourse.  And meanwhile thousands of people all over the world are being sold that crazy procedure right now as you read this post.

Caveat emptor, as they say.

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