Things To Do With Natural 20/20 Eyeballs – DIVING

I’m going to start asking you a question more often.  I want you to think about this question more often.

What will you do, with your own 20/20 eyesight?

Because really, what’s the point in doing all this work, if you’re just going to live in front of screens. You want to have a goal, a dream, a thing that’ll carry you through all the learning and work and milestones of digging out from those artificial diopters.   Start with a goal that gets you emotionally invested.

Like digging out of prison.  First you need to have a dream, of being somewhere else.  Somewhere better.  Lisa, in the FB group:


Right?  Right!

We’re missing that category in the blog.  We’ve got student stories and reader stories, we’ve got how-to’s, we’ve got science.  We’ve got Jake-rants.  But we’re missing a big piece, which is the “here’s what I’ll do when I escape the prison of glasses”.


Want more community discussion and help with your myopia?  See our darling Facebook group!

Like going diving, and seeing everything perfectly clearly.

In two weeks or so, Jake and sproutling family will be moving to the beach.  Hopefully I’ll start tempting you with more pictures and videos and things, to start spend a little more time giving you ideas of things to do with your own eyes, and no old-timey glasses holding you back.

Dream up some 20/20 stuff, right now!



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Things To Do With Natural 20/20 Eyeballs – DIVING
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