Help Out A Curious Optometrist: If You Are In California

Cliff posts in our Facebook group:

I think you guys might find this story amusing.

A few days ago two of my videos on YouTube were receiving a lot of comments from someone who claimed to be an Optometrist. We went back and forth on a lot of stuff but yesterday I mentioned that I have a standing offer to be examined along with my records in order to prove that I improved my vision by a significant amount. He replied that he’d love to perform such an examination, that he practices in California and told me to look up his name.

So earlier today I looked him up, found the number to his office and called. I told the receptionist that I’ve been talking to a someone on YouTube who claims to be Dr. Lasher and that I just wanted to verify that it is actually him. She told me that there was a Dr. Lasher at the practice and simply said, “Would you like to speak to him?”

She put me through and the O.D. himself picked up right away. “Hi, my name is Cliff Hayes, I run a channel on YouTube and I’ve been talking to someone who claims to be you–“

“Hey Cliff! You found me!”

He said that he was with a patient at the moment but wanted to talk, so he gave me his home phone number and said that I could call when he got off of work. I gave him a call and we chatted for a good 45 minutes. I was worried that someone with 26 years of experience wouldn’t listen to anything I had to say but I was wrong. Basically, he found my channel and it peaked his interest because I was the only person “dissing the Bates Method.” I explained my situation and how I went about improving my vision and he was genuinely interested. I was very surprised to find that he’s sympathetic to many of the core concepts of endmyopia, such as the problem of over correction.

Unfortunately I live on the other side of the country so I wont be able to fulfill my standing offer but it was refreshing just to have that conversation. As we ended the call he said if I ever have any questions or just want to chat, I could give him a call.

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If anyone on here lives in the area of Lakeport, California and would like a Optometrist who’s sympathetic to endmyopia, I can definitely recommend Dr. Donald Lasher.

Post in the thread if you happen to live in the area and might be willing to talk with or visit Dr. Lasher.

Or if you don’t use Facebook drop me an e-mail if you happen to be interested in helping.  I’m sure it would be great for the curious optometrist, some of his clients, as well as future endmyopia students in the area looking for someone local to help them with lens choices!

Take some action, pay it forward for the next myope.  😉



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Help Out A Curious Optometrist: If You Are In California
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