Endmyopia: The (Bad, So Bad!) Reviews

It’s easy to self-promote endlessly. 

Especially if you’re part of endmyopia.  Because we’re rather modestly awe inspiringly awesome and also it seems like every day there are more improvement reports.  And even impartial and from sites that we don’t control, like Facebook.  Lots and lots of stories of darlings making all sorts of 20/20 gains.

But that’s not what this post is about.

This here is for you, looking for the bad news.  The catch.  The fine print clause that says your eyeballs will fall out, or that it’s a mad cult with a mad cult leader and give-us-all-your-monies.

So let’s give you that, the bad news.

Endmyopia Is Useless!

*fart noise*

There you have it.

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Endmyopia Facebook Group

Endmyopia doesn’t work.  It’s just another Internet mirage, yesssir.  Hundreds of how-to guides and diopter tools and self help instructions.  All created to lure you in, set you up for failure.

Come on Jake, you say.  Stop being a punk for just one second.

Fair enough.  But since you clicked here and wanted bad reviews, I don’t want to disappoint.  I want you to find some dirt, some downside, some what-if.

It’s not the science.  The science is sound.  It’s not a money grab.  It’s not Internet unicorn farming eye exercises.  But what is also isn’t, is some kind of shortcut or guarantee or easy answer.  You get an eye guru who will exile you from the Facebook group if you ask stupid questions (“how do I fix my eyes?”).  You get a pile of things to read that could take you months to get through (or you may end up having to spend money for support and a structured approach).  

You get a huge puzzle, and no guarantee that you’ll like the picture.

Choose To Try (Or Not To)

Awe.  Bummed you out?

Flipside is that realistically there are hundreds of positive reviews for every negative one.  So while there’s no guarantee, there’s certainly hope:

Could go either way.

So what, then?

It’s big boy (and girl) time.  A million reviews won’t give you the definitive answer you might wish for – but trying out the method for yourself (for a few weeks), just might.  



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