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Pro Topic: Low Myopia & High Astigmatism (Video)

The question of low myopia and high astigmatism has come up multiple times in the BackTo20/20 support forum, this week. Low myopia, as in 1-2 diopters. High astigmatism, as in at least 2 diopters, likely even close to 3. Which to deal with first, spherical or cylinder, is always a question to answer for yourself before starting down the road of addressing your diopter needs.  One focal plane at a time, as uncle Jake likes to say. Best case scenario [...]

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Glasses vs. Contact Lenses: The Correct Focal Plane

Are your contact lenses and glasses the same exact (relative) correction?  They better be! Focal planes are the key to all things myopia.  Your eye being a dynamic system, constantly adjusting to seek ideal eyesight, uses focal plane feedback to calibrate itself.  This aspect of our biology is elegant and so complex that we barely begin to scratch the surface on how it works.   And yet ... we go monkey around with artificial focal plane changes, like it's no [...]

Is Myopia Genetic? (Video)

"Sorry, dahhhling.  Your myopia, it's genetic." Here's the bottom line, before we fully get into this topic.  If a 'doctor' says those words to you, then he or she is an idiot. You're thinking, Jake.  That's a bit harsh. But it's true.  For you or me not to know how genetics work is excusable.  And actually if you consider a doctor to be an individual who collects information from you about a series of symptoms and then sells you some [...]

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Bates Method: Getting In The Way Of Real Solutions (Video)

Quick YouTube story telling time, today. In this one I attempt to explain the harmful nature of the otherwise benignly silly concept of eye exercises. For most health related topics, there's the symptom managed, mainstream, quick-fix, pill popping side.  And then there's the other side, a causality addressing, solution seeking, "healing" approach to the problem.  Both of them are generally known to people who do any real amount of research. Take dentistry.  Yea, you can eat candy and get cavities [...]

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(Video) The Status Quo, Not Amused By Jake

Jake done did go and post a video on the Tubes, again. Mostly just a bit of a rant on some more of the general disdain of fancy doctors with fancy BMW leases and fancy mortgages, busy selling you elective surgery (nice way of saying, cutting you open when you don't need it).   Here's the Tubes: YouTube link Interesting thoughts, from the video comment section: Al said it, not me. Troublingly for them, this particular narrative is on a bit of [...]

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PRO TOPIC: Diopter Equalizing / Patching (Video)

Pro topic, Holmes. Don't monkey with diopter unless you know how all the pieces work together.   If you do, here are some worthwhile posts on equalizing / patching: https://endmyopia.org/pro-tip-notes-on-diopter-equalizing/ https://endmyopia.org/whats-first-equalize-or-reduce-spherical/ http://endmyopia.org/pro-qa-equalize-differentials-first/ A lot of these scenarios are best evaluated case-by-case so be sure to learn all about diopter equalizing before trying things.  Supportive, myopia control friendly optometrist also likely great to have around. And as always, there's quite a bit of excessive patching advice floating around online.  Remember to introduce stimulus gradually [...]

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