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Eye Yoga Youtube Exercises To Improve Your Eyesight

Eye yoga eye exercises to improve your eyesight, right here. Om shanti, kittehs.   This post is mainly for those who may stumble across this page while searching for eye yoga exercises, hoping for some mystical Indian ritual to improve their eyesight. First of all, yoga is bullshit. Of course I don't mean that.  Stretching is great, I hate it passionately, but for sure it's something that'll benefit you.  Rituals are nice, a process is nice, and even if the [...]

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Q&A: Can I Reduce More Diopters For More Gains?

Generally speaking, you can reduce by 0.50 diopters - but quite likely you shouldn’t. In some cases (high myopia) it can make sense to do so – see here a more detailed breakdown. But then also reducing diopters more just means that you’re reducing your distance to blur.  Seen clearly less far doesn’t really improve your vision at all – so does it make sense to make your diopter bubble smaller by half diopter? Stimulus is key to improvement.  Blur [...]

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Drone Flying For Vision Improvement

Notice: This post is at least 60% an excuse to buy toys.  If your wallet is already huffing and puffing this next story might be the one to skip reading. Good news.  Finally a post not about another 20/20 gains progress report.   Seriously, you are so spoiled.  We are so spoiled.  Even I literally sometimes groan, looking at the folder of vision improvement reports.  I love them, they're amazing, they're 95% of what keeps me going creating these free [...]

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The Zero Diopter Reset: How To Reduce Normalized Diopters (Video)

So we already had the detailed discussion about how to reduce your normalized diopters. Of course what you were missing is having all this sagey goodness in video format.  Because what would key concepts be without bad lighting and crappy audio volumes and some nice background echo.  Since eye gurus aim to please, we do have all of this available for you. In case you wonder about audio, I honestly can't figure it out.  You ever have random things in [...]

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PRO TOPIC: Normalized Or Differentials Indoors?

Here's a common question, about the use of corrective lenses while indoors. You have your normalized for distance vision, often emphasized for outdoor use.  And you have your differential glasses, for sustained single point focus close-up use.  This invites the question what you might do with all the in between distances? Short answer: Whenever you're not on the computer (or your otherwise primary close-up distance), use normalized. No need to adjust for every single distance, two focal planes are just [...]

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Outdoor 20/20 Gains!

"But Jake, can't I just wear plus lenses and spend every waking moment in front of my computer?" You know, endmyopia is actually all a big ploy. Yes, just like the haters say.  A trick!  You learn all these things about optics and vision biology and how to control strain and how to get positive stimulus. And then, when you're too deep into it to want to turn back, then you realize the dirty secret:  Ultimately to really get back [...]

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