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Shocking News: Not All Ophthalmologists Are Retarded

Oh, Jake.  These inflammatory blog titles, you’re not going to make any friends this way.

So, kittehs.  You may have noticed that one old eye guru has been making an effort to gain distance from the retail so-called medical establishment (and all the requisite derisions thereof), by keeping most of the recent discussion here focused on science.  This makes sense since your eyes aren’t sick or broken or defective, so there’s not really a point to ask a ‘medical’ person for advice on myopia.

You can, of course.  They’re going to mumble some 5th grader excuse dog-ate-homework about a “genetic illness” and sell you glasses at a four thousand percent markup.

Honestly, though.  Before we move on with the topic on hand, I have to ask you – how are you going to trust anyone who marks up a $3 wholesale product and with a straight face sells it to you for literally hundreds of dollars?  See above link, the markups on lenses make the term ‘highway robbery’ sound quaint.  And then to beat audacity with way more audacity, propagating all this ridiculousness under the guise of ‘medical prescriptions’.  If this was video, you’d see me literally speechless.  I truly don’t know what to say sometimes, to put all the outlandish lunacy in perspective.

It’s like a cop pulling you over and just putting a gun to your head, taking your money.   And you expected to be going mmmhm, I had this coming because genetics.

Four. Thousand. Percent. Markup.  This $hiz should make any big pharma CEO blush.

Hence the title.  Which in hindsight is like pleading insanity in court.  Your honor, optometry pleads retarded.  Way better than greedy fu$ks just out taking you for every cent they can get.

Sheez.  Rant post.  And all that was actually meant to be a post about a good ophthalmologist:


They exist.

Full thread here.

I love those ophthalmologists even if they claim that myopia is an illness.  Baby steps, at least they’re not telling you to wear distance focal plane correction for close-up.

And besides.

It’s most often dubious at best to accept long term symptom treatment for any supposed “genetic ailment”.  Long term and expensive and requiring visiting a ‘doctor’ and getting a ‘prescription’.  Whenever I encounter one I get this voice in my head:

Myopia isn’t a medical condition.  Optometry needs to GTFO.

And while they aren’t (and won’t, ever), at least you find the occasional one with some sense and dignity and enough ethics to not just sell you higher and higher diopter glasses.  Lucky if you find one, otherwise equally lucky to have found the eye guru and this completely unbiased and absolutely rant-free blog.

Go forth darlings, make all the 20/20 gains.



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