Funny Bits: Mike Seems To Enjoy BackTo20/20

As you hopefully know by now, I try to give you as many ways as possible to improve your eyesight.

There is of course the blog.  I cover forum stories, I bring you how-to guides, clinical studies, and optometrist thoughts and advice.  There is also YouTube, and a bit of social media (honestly, not feeling the social media – so it’s just half-heartedly reposting blog bits).  Lots of options besides BackTo20/20, which is the only option that might involve spending money.

It seems to be working.  We get YouTube audience saying the videos help noticeably.  We have licensed optometrists saying their eyesight is improving.  We have high school students using the blog, making 20/20 gains.  We have some amazing stories, like going from -5 diopters to no glasses in two years.  There are quite a few accounts saying the blog works for vision improvement.  

Very few complaints these days about BackTo20/20 and “having to” spend money.  I’m pretty happy about all this.

And yet of course BackTo20/20 is by far the best option, if you’re seriously working on improving your eyesight.  Check out Mike’s recent e-mail:


Nice, right?

I don’t want everybody in BackTo20/20, because I can’t handle answering a million questions in the forum every day.  It’s nice to have a select group of students, be able to refine the structured approach based on their feedback and experiences, and have a community from which to get great content for the blog.  

That’s how I enjoy it the most.  Quality interaction without being overwhelming (for me), and being able to trickle down key insights to a wider audience here on the blog.

Also here’s the video edit of the story of Despina, our resident contributing optometrist, showing unbiased improvement in her eyesight:


Based on this original story.

Hopefully you’re continuing to enjoy this resource, and thanks for taking the time to write e-mails, share stories, comment on videos, and generally let me know how you’re doing!



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Funny Bits: Mike Seems To Enjoy BackTo20/20
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