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This, a trial run project.  Whether we keep it or not will depend entirely on your feedback.

If you are working on improving your eyesight, you need a lot of lenses for your glasses.

First you have your close-up (differential) glasses, second you have your distance (normalized) glasses.

Then you are probably going to be reducing diopters for both pairs on a regular basis, likely every 3-4 months.  That’s four lenses every quarter, or 16 lenses a year.  Plus you’re going to be working on equalizing diopters (right vs. left eye), and you might also be reducing your astigmatism.

That gets pricey if you’re buying retail.

If you are buying glasses online for cost savings, and especially if you want to be able to replace lenses in your existing frames, this post is for you.

Online Glasses Shopping

I’ve been recommending Zenni and other so far, but it looks like we got a better deal with another provider who promises:

  • Better quality frames (Warby Parker Standard) from $29. They claim to use only best quality  Acetate and Metal. 
  • All Rx Lenses come with w/ Anti-Glare + Anti-Scratch Coating by default without extra charges. 
  • 90 Days Return Policy + 1 Yr Warranty.
  • Free Shipping
  • High Rx Lenses including Prismatic correction available.

Yay for 90 day return policy.

Want more community discussion and help with your myopia?  See our darling Facebook group!

And most importantly, relensing for frames you already own.  That’s very handy.

So this is the deal:  We have a partnership with Global Eyeglasses to supply glasses for endmyopia readers and BackTo20/20 students.  Besides (hopefully) consistent increased product quality and lens replacements, you will get a 15% discount on all purchases with our discount code (coupon code for GlobalEyglasses US shopping in the rules over on our Facebook group).

Where do you buy?

If You Are In The USA


Go to Global Eyeglasses.  Be sure to use our link since it includes the endmyopia partner code.  This allows me to track all purchases, find out if there are any issues, and make sure you are getting your discounts.

(US edging facility in Hampton Bays, New York).

As you’d expect, Jake also gets a kickback.  More on that in the Facebook group.  

Do let me know about your experience ordering, product quality, delivery speed, and any other comments you might have.  I want a great solution for all our lens needs and your feedback is key.

For the most current Gobal Eyeglasses coupon, see our Facebook group or try coupon code Endmyopia15.

In Germany


Go to  Yaa.  I’m told there is an edging facility in Germany, so you should get expedient service there as well.

Germany in particular has hot competition in the lens business.  From very good retail options to the Web, if you’re living in Germany you are spoiled for choice.  Here in particular I say look around, see what you like best.  If Brillaro does it for you, let me know in Facebook or via a quick e-mail.

For the most current Brillaro coupon codesee our Facebook group or try coupon code Endmyopia15.



Go to  

Netherlands also, spoiled for choice.  You might even be legally high and riding fancy bicycles without fear of being run over by giant SUVs, and also wearing stylish frames.  It’s no Germany but you aren’t far, and there’s a lot of European shipping options.  I’m told there’s a local edging facility here as well, which is nice for quick shipping and warranty service.

Let me know if you try this option.

For the most current Brillaro coupon codesee our Facebook group or try coupon code Endmyopia15.



Nobody is in France.

If you are though, in which case you suck, see  

I’m just jealous.  En plus, je parle le francais assez bien.  I’d love to be skiing in the French alps right now, surrounded by pouty French girls (and no guy competition because as we all know French is only cool when spoken by girls). 

For the most current VLunettes coupon codesee our Facebook group or try coupon code Endmyopia15.



Even though you Australians aren’t all that myopic.  

There was a study (which for the life of me I can’t find now) showing dramatically reduced myopia incidence rates in Singaporean children who relocated to Australia.  It was a fascinating read and I loved it for another nail in the “genetic myopia” bullshit coffin, and now you have to take my word for it because where’s the link.

Anyway.  Try Glassio, same company, supposedly a lens cutting facility in Australia.

For the most current Glassio coupon code see our Facebook group or try coupon code Endmyopia15.

International (Elsewhere)


Global Eyeglasses (affiliate link, use it, my drug dealer isn’t free) also ships internationally.

I’m most curious about that particular option (shipping speeds, returns, warranty, etc).  So if you’re “international” and you use this option, you must write to papa Jake and do let him know of your experience. 

For the most current Global Eyeglasses international coupon code see our Facebook group or try coupon code Endmyopia15.

That’s it.

I’ll eventually be updating our 400+ entries provider list with these options as well, especially if your feedback is glowing and numerous and positive.

I know what you’re thinking.  “Jake, such a darling, always looking out for us”.

You are most welcome, kittehs.



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