Kim’s Optometrist Confirms Improved Vision (but Kim made some mistakes …)

Kim’s eyesight improved to such a degree that even an optometrist confirms it’s real.  

That’s a bigger deal than you might think.

Remember that most optometrists test you in worst case scenario settings.  Dark room, artificially lit eye chart, not telling you how much correction they’re adding, asking you, sneakily, whether additional diopters make the vision clearer or not.

You could literally improve your eyesight but almost a diopter and it might not show up at all in those particular testing conditions.  Add to that the fact that many optometrists who have your records will be more than reluctant to every give you a reduced correction over your previous one, and you might see how the deck is stacked against you.

So an actual optometrist confirmed improvement, kind of a big deal:


Well done.  Although …

Funny, right?  Kim’s getting greedy with those 20/20 gains already!

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Of course you should expect to reduce 0.25 diopters every 3-4 months, so Kim is actually right on point with progress.  And it wouldn’t be unreasonable to consider the testing conditions and think he might be doing a bit better than that 1/4 diopter anyway.

But you ask, what mistakes is he talking about?

All that is in his full Facebook thread, right here.  Good points there, go check it out and give him a thumbs up, too!



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Kim’s Optometrist Confirms Improved Vision (but Kim made some mistakes …)
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