Let’s Stop Calling Glasses “Prescriptions”

The title, pretty much says it all.

You probably already know that glasses were invented sometime in the 16th century (some say, much earlier).  They were not invented by doctors, not by medical science, not by optometry or ophthalmology.  It’s an important point, that medical professionals today would probably rather not have you contemplate a whole lot.

Glasses were appropriated, many centuries later, by the lens manufacturing industry and by modern optometry as the “medical treatment” you’re familiar with today.  

And now they call them “prescriptions”.

plural noun: prescriptions
an instruction written by a medical practitioner that authorizes a patient to be provided a medicine or treatment.
See the issue there?
Let’s realize that by us also calling glasses prescriptions, we implicitly subscribe to their reality, their appropriation of a simple vision aide.  If you say “prescriptions”, you say “I’m not qualified to make my own choices about my lens correction needs”.  That’s the issue.  Using their terms removes your empowerment of choice.  And we become patients, with an illness that requires treatment.  

Let’s stop using words that suggest that myopia is an illness and that glasses are treatment.  Glasses, lens correction, diopters, focal plane changes, nerd goggles, old timey myopia treatment, printing that diopter money, .. I’m sure you can find creative ways to express your unsanctioned use of corrective lenses.

And of course, do so carefully, ideally with the guidance of a supportive optometrist, don’t monkey around with diopters if you don’t understand what they do.  

In so many less words … tread lightly.  😉

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Let’s Stop Calling Glasses “Prescriptions”
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