Melissa: 20/30 To 20/13 In A Few Months … Woohoo!

Melissa posts over in our darling Facebook group:


Nice work, Melissa.

Knowledge is power, dear kittehs.

If you don’t want to be an invalid for life, addled with glasses today, decimated by glaucoma, lattice degeneration, and retinal detachment later, then you need the knowledges about the myopia truths.  Pay now or pay later … up to you, like they say in these parts.  

It’ll be much more expensive later.

Today it’s just a visit to your favorite darling eye guru, reading all the free guide bits, and taking action.  Or later, pills and surgeries and eye drops, and big medical bills.

Melissa probably won’t have to worry about any of those things.  

Improving your own eyesight?  Want to connect with fellow myopes?  Join the #1 natural myopia control discussion group online:

Endmyopia Facebook Group



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