Melissa: -6.75 Reduced To -5.00 (+ Pregnant, Toddler, & Full Time Job!)

Huge backlog of improvement reports!  Let’s work on that today.  😉

Today let’s have a look at Melissa, in BackTo20/20, making some very solid 20/20 gains – despite being pregnant, having a full time job, and also a baby.  

Side note:  How does anybody even do that?  I’ve got no job and one toddler and a girl who takes care of him and I still feel as though I’d drown if we had another kid.   

Here’s Melissa, posting her update:



That’s -6.75, the starting left eye centimeter, down to -5.00, the current peak 20 cm for her left eye measurement.  

In other words, very respectable improvement.

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I’d love to turn this into a promo talking about how easy the program is, that you can juggle a full time job, and a baby, and a pregnancy, and morning sickness, and still also get your myopia under control.  But that wouldn’t really do Melissa’s awesome commitment proper justice.  It’s all Melissa, making it happen!

And if you feel grouchy and unmotivated, then blame Melissa for not having a good excuse.  Start now (if you haven’t yet), and get your eyes back.  



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Melissa: -6.75 Reduced To -5.00 (+ Pregnant, Toddler, & Full Time Job!)
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