Michael: 6 Month CM Update (& 20/20 Gains Rule)

Progress updates, maybe the best part about following endmyopia.

Whether you’re just getting started, or even if you’ve been making lots of 20/20 gains, you always will get a boost from reading the updates others are making.  Keeps you motivated, gives you reference points,  so much better than just doing things by yourself all alone.

This post, a follow-up of Michael’s previous 3 months update.


You can find the original thread here.

Worth pointing out here, the benefit of keeping a log.  Isn’t that graph much more inspiring than just putting on the reduced minus and pushing focus and hoping for the best?  

When you get discouraged or question things (in the beginning that’s quite normal), your odds of success are significantly higher if you’ve got a solid log.  You measure centimeter, you keep track of Snellen results, you have notes on your real outdoor distant text landmarks.  You can quantify the results of your efforts and there is no room for doubt fueled by subjective feels or optometrist derision.  

Want more community discussion and help with your myopia?  See our darling Facebook group!

Do It.  Keep A Detailed Log.

Also worth noting is that we’re talking biology and results will vary.  If you find yourself getting stuck, realize that the only ingredients here are 1) close-up strain management and 2) positive stimulus.  That’s it.  Everything else is details (though those details are rather quite key to making gains).  If you’re not getting the improvements you’re looking for, it’s only either 1) or 2) that you’re not doing right.  

The eye is a stimulus response system, and respond to stimulus it will.

A fairly accurate likeness of the eye guru.

This next part, not for the casual readers.

The Rule Of 20/20 Gains.

Sometimes you’re doing everything right, and still you’re not seeing progress.  Fairly uncommon,but it does happen.  You really checked your close-up strain and you don’t have a daily residual ciliary spasm.  You take breaks.  You go outside.  You do distance active focus work.  And yet, no gains.

In this case, remember the rule.


I hesitate posting this since I can just picture a bunch of lazy n00bs abusing this one and then whining that everything is just more blurry.

Don’t be that guy.

Troubleshoot habits carefully, usually it’s close-up strain that’s holding you back.  If it’s not that, then you’re probably not outside enough, not actively using your distance vision enough.  There’s always a fairly simple answer that you find in hindsight, something that’s been holding you back.  And then sometimes, you’re doing everything right, you just need that little bit of push for a little extra focal plane challenge.  

So there we have it.

Be part of the solution, post your own progress updates.  Either in the Facebook group or the BackTo20/20 forum, or shoot me a quick e-mail once in a while (or even comment in swamps of the YouTube channel).  

And perhaps bookmark the progress sections of the blog – both the just-with-the-blog ones, as well as the BackTo20/20 student ones.  I try to update those periodically!

Keep making all those 20/20 gains.  😉



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Michael: 6 Month CM Update (& 20/20 Gains Rule)
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