One Million YouTube Subscribers!

What you say?  One thousand, not one million?

Whatever, don’t be a buzzkill.  Besides, one thousand is completely a stepping stone on the surefire way to one million.  Every single channel with a million subscribers once had a thousand, therefore endmyopia = one million subscribers.

Despite that infallible bit of logic, numbers are just a small part of the story.

As in, there’s not much reward in chasing numbers.  The real motivation is in individual interactions, and individual moments of success.  

Like this one from Anita:


Happiness spreads.

That’s meaningful, and even better than a pile of zeroes.

Want more community discussion and help with your myopia?  See our darling Facebook group!

Especially since I too am still looking for answers on health things.  Grinding my teeth.  Other things I can’t seem to sort out and would love, love, love to find a real guru to give me real, meaningful, actionable advice on.  And myopia, I’ve been there, looking for answers, spending years experimenting, and frustrating dead ends.

So the numbers, interesting in some ways.  A thousand Facebook group members.  A thousand YouTube channel subscribers.  That’s people who are finding answers, and we’re investing our time well in sharing our stories, sharing ideas and answers and science and wild measuring tools (oh and other fancy measuring tools – I want one!). 

What’s next?

Minutiae.  Fixing things on the progress logging tool, and the Website, and updating BackTo20/20 sessions and planning BackTo20/20 video sessions, and answering e-mails.

And thinking about the big picture, where to invest more time.

Do we need more, better video?  Can I get myself to talk more about myopia things?  Not sure.  I can tell you though, collaboration would be most rewarding.  Podcasts with students, or students on video, something that’s like the Facebook group, where it’s all of your voices, rather than just mine.

If you have ideas, if you’re up for adding to all that, share over in the group!



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One Million YouTube Subscribers!
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