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Optometrist Confirmed Vision Improvement.   This, a sub category to the many hundreds of vision improvement reports from darling readers and students of endmyopia.  While we believe that you can make your own objective measurements at home, it is a nice bonus to get the “professional” confirmation.

Note that all reports here are posted by students and readers (e-mail and Facebook group).  We don’t independently verify results (though we do track opt-in data for BackTo20/20 students progress).   

Shocking Reveal: ALL Endmyopia Facebook Members Are BOTS?!

If there's one common thread that defines endmyopia, it's the crazy-bearded, loony-eyed guru at the wheel.  A guru who more often than not appears to be largely out of his mind.   There's clearly a lot of slightly strange rhetoric happening on this site. And images, too. Marketing campaign. Your favorite guru's overall approach is dictated by the cosmic law of zero f*cks given. Does this thing make money?  Whatever (also no, not compared to an hour of trading it [...]

-2.75 Reduced To -1.50: Optometrist Says Don’t Tell Anyone!

Following the theme of the past few reports, this one straight to the point. If you're wishing for more gratuitous commentary and digressions (no Jake, you're thinking), those will hopefully be back soon.  Schedules being rather tight lately with sunshine and travel, the old guru is only managing the bare minimum of blog updates for you at the moment. Let's look at the update teased in the post title: And there we have it. You know how much your favorite [...]

Louise: Child Myopia Reversed (+ Optometrist FASCINATED & more)

A guru walketh among us, darlings. There was a time you could have been born when the earth was still flat, much like myopia is some kind of mysterious disease in current day optometry reality.  Right now you're living in a time where the old eye guru's teachings are still considered heresy.   What do you mean, they say.  It's bad eyeball genetics. Treating symptoms as a for-profit enterprise?  Great idea, Watson!  Nothing could possibly go wrong making money selling [...]

Optometrist Confirmed: Imtiaz Almost Back To 20/20

Today back to the ever popular topic, endmyopia vs. optometry mainstream.   No matter how anti-social the beardly eyeguru may be, the over 90.000 monthly readers of the bloglet continue coming back for more.  The site is growing, the Facebook group is growing, even the beaten stepchild that is our YouTube channel gets a few new subscribers here and there.   And with the increasing awareness about the myopia-illness-myth, comes increasingly more recognition by even the retail mainstream. To highlight, [...]

Eva: Huge Life Change, No More Glasses

The title gives away all of Eva's 20/20 gains. I often tell people that one diopter of improvement in 90 days is very possible.  Granted from there progress settles into a somewhat more modest pace but still, you can easily get all the way back to 20/20 with the right habits and tools. A one diopter difference is *all* the difference though, when we're talking about two diopters, vs. one diopter. Gratuitously, reposting Eva's report here again: Sharing is spreading [...]

Shocking News: Not All Ophthalmologists Are Retarded

Oh, Jake.  These inflammatory blog titles, you're not going to make any friends this way. So, kittehs.  You may have noticed that one old eye guru has been making an effort to gain distance from the retail so-called medical establishment (and all the requisite derisions thereof), by keeping most of the recent discussion here focused on science.  This makes sense since your eyes aren't sick or broken or defective, so there's not really a point to ask a 'medical' person [...]

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