Diopters.  We stopped calling glasses “prescriptions” a while back, since we don’t believe a reasonable educated individual needs a so-called professional to tell them which piece of clear, curved piece of plastic to buy.  (or conversely, keep you from making your own diopter choices)

If anything, we believe that most of the mainstream will give you more diopters than you need, causing progressive myopia and all sorts of long term risky side effects.  We feel strongly about education you on the subject of testing your own refraction, of making your own diopter choices.  Glasses are far less dangerous than lots of over-the-counter drugs!  Read this section for all things related to diopters, learn about the fascinating world of bending light (to your will).    

Beware Of Bad Vision Advice: Don’t Quit Glasses Cold Turkey

Don't just quit wearing your glasses. I find myself saying this a lot, lately.  Must be something in the air, or in the water, or maybe Google is ranking crazy-talk more highly than usual. A lot has been said here already about not wearing glasses.  Like here, or in video format and explaining in detail why and how glasses might benefit your eyesight. Read those things, understand how diopters affect your eyesight.  Realize that glasses aren't necessarily the problem, but [...]

How Do You Use A Test Lens Kit? (Videos)

Test lens kits.  People keep asking me how to use them, whether to use them, how to figure out if they even want to use them.   I just answered this in our darling Facebook group: Jake, always classy and professional. Here's the link to those videos: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=subjective+refraction+ian+squire Enjoy! -Jake

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Another Quick & Awesome DIY Centimeter Measuring Tool

Centimeter.  A core tool of the endmyopia method. Since centimeter measurements translate directly to diopters, you can get a lot of valuable information from your centimeter results, inter-day fluctuation in centimeter, and knowledge about whether your glasses have the right amount of correction for your primary viewing distance. And if any of this is news to you, start with the diopter calculator. One of the greatest strengths of endmyopia is that we continue building better myopia control tools through the combined [...]

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Pro Q&A: Should You Equalize Your Differentials First?

Equalizing (reducing the diopter ratio between left and right eye spherical correction) is one of the more advanced topics here on endmyopia. We have a whole topic category just covering the subject of diopter correction.  Between that and the how-to guide category, there is a whole lot of material covering diopter changes leading up to where you may be wondering about equalization. Taking a step back, it is kind of amazing, just how much depth we have on free resources.  😉 [...]

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Buy Your Next Glasses Here (Coupon Code)

This, a trial run project.  Whether we keep it or not will depend entirely on your feedback. If you are working on improving your eyesight, you need a lot of lenses for your glasses. First you have your close-up (differential) glasses, second you have your distance (normalized) glasses. Then you are probably going to be reducing diopters for both pairs on a regular basis, likely every 3-4 months.  That's four lenses every quarter, or 16 lenses a year.  Plus you're [...]

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PRO TOPIC: High Myopia First Differential (focal plane challenges)

High myopia can be tricky to start working on, especially if you are starting out with a complex correction scenario. Astigmatism, likely even different diopter value and different degree values for both eyes, plus the high spherical correction, plus diopter ratio in left vs. right eye - it's a delicate knot that you want to start to untangle with some care and planning. On this subject, here's a post from Marina in the support forum: This, not an entirely unlikely initial [...]

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