Pro Q&A: Should You Equalize Your Differentials First?

Equalizing (reducing the diopter ratio between left and right eye spherical correction) is one of the more advanced topics here on endmyopia.

We have a whole topic category just covering the subject of diopter correction.  Between that and the how-to guide category, there is a whole lot of material covering diopter changes leading up to where you may be wondering about equalization.

Taking a step back, it is kind of amazing, just how much depth we have on free resources.  😉

Besides the free guides / blog, a Jake has also been focusing on other platforms to help you with your vision improvement goals.  Let’s use two of those today along with the blog, to cover a specific and important question about equalization.   

First, let’s use Facebook.  Bill asks in the endmyopia Facebook group:

That’s a good question.

Usually I’m fairly hands-off about the Facebook group (besides pruning the occasional bits), leaving space to let the Facebook group be your discussion group.  But since this is going to continue to be a relevant question for many of you, and because we like Bill, and because you want to get this one right, let’s cover the question in more detail.

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Did you notice, by the way, how much our little Facebook nerd goggle dissident group has been growing?  Well over a thousand members already (as of this writing).  Keeping up with moar audience, our also YouTube channel.  

Here’s my response to Bill’s question, on these Tubes: 

Short and to the point, because sleep deprivation.

Helpful this, hopefully.

And before you head off, remember that this massive collection of free resources exists because it’s supported by you.  Leave a thumbs up, leave comments, send me e-mails with your improvement stories, and help out fellow Facebook group members with their questions.  

I’m as guilty as anyone of lurking, of doing the hit-and-run on sites helping me with my own questions.  Takes only a second though to smash the like button, to lend a word of support to the next myopia-noob, to add your stamp of approval to the proceedings.

So do it.  Lest the myopia gnomes and gobblins smite you with glasses, forever!



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