PRO TOPIC: High Myopia First Differential (focal plane challenges)

High myopia can be tricky to start working on, especially if you are starting out with a complex correction scenario.

Astigmatism, likely even different diopter value and different degree values for both eyes, plus the high spherical correction, plus diopter ratio in left vs. right eye – it’s a delicate knot that you want to start to untangle with some care and planning.

On this subject, here’s a post from Marina in the support forum:


This, not an entirely unlikely initial outcome!

If you have forum access you can read my full comments here in the thread.  It may be interesting to follow this one to find out exactly how subsequent adjustments affect Marina’s experience.

If you don’t have forum access, I also explain this scenario in a quick video on the ‘tubes:


That’s the price of admission, mah face!

You will learn a whole lot about your eyesight, taking part in this process.

There is no doubt in my mind that Marina will use this initial learning experience, and her experiences with the next correction, to take informed action to improve her eyesight.  -8 diopters is myopia artificially created by the lenses that optometrists “prescribed“, something slowly increased over time, creating this unfortunate dangerous high myopia scenario for Marina.

Finding a good differential correction is a first step in halting potential progression, becoming aware of eye strain, learning about the effects of diopters, and ultimately reducing all of this harmful diopter dependence.

Side note:  I often post updates of these scenarios as they unfold.  If you have forum membership you can also click on any student name to see all of their previous posts and my comments.  Often this paints a very helpful picture of the progression of the student over time.  

Get those eyeballs back in shape!  😉



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PRO TOPIC: High Myopia First Differential (focal plane challenges)
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