Q&A #17: Equalizing Low Myopia

Cutting it close today, on the daily blog.

10:13PM, just getting home, have to get this up so you get the daily dose of all the things.  Since I don’t quite have the energy left to talk about studies or improvement reports, we’ll have to make do with the latest video Q&A for today.

Little bit of pointless trivia:  There was a time that I had gotten it in my head that I’d need a bit of a nest in all the places I liked to spend some time in.  On that ever lengthy list, Thailand.  And there, Bangkok, by my calculations, would be cheaper to have a permanent small studio apartment in over getting a hotel, if I’d be there more than three weeks out of the year.  So I had found a place far from the tourists, in a part of town with a nice night market, on a quiet street, and that became the place to feel comfortable whenever I’d visit Thailand.

I’m a bit strange, I know.  But the math made sense.

While I don’t actually live there now, it’s a good spot to have available to the many guests and visitors, and so … whatever the excuse, I still have it.  And now since babies turn the actual living-in condo into a nonstop scene of either too much commotion or too much required silence, I re-purposed the studio into a … studio.  For the video things.

And also since you guys have been sending me e-mails asking what happened to the videos, I finally came around to reviving that.  I’m still much less than fond of them for reasons of lacking quality (and my face), but flattery will get you everywhere.

Today is a quick one on a particular case of low myopia.  The question is whether it’s better to reduce a -2.50 and -2.00 to a -2.00 and -1.50 … or whether to start equalizing and going -2.00 and -1.75.

There is no definitive answer for this, though in this particular case the student tried both, and found the -1.75 to feel better than the -1.50.  So that makes it relatively easy.  You sacrifice a bit of the numerical drop in favor of reducing the size of the diopter ratio between your eyes.  Less prescription complexity, less of a challenge moving between glasses and no glasses (since the focal plane change is closer to the same in both eyes), all in all it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

Want more community discussion and help with your myopia?  See our darling Facebook group!

Bear in mind that this isn’t any sort of medical or prescription advice.  As usual we are merely musing about the universe and all of its various bendings of the light.  And your case may be different from this one.


Here’s the Q&A #17.

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Q&A #17: Equalizing Low Myopia
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