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Here’s Dodgy-Town.  A whole category on questionable myopia therapies, ideas, snake oil sales, and various shortsighted treatments that warrant a closer look (and probably some derision by a certain indisputably wise and considerate eye guru).

Whether it’s Atropine drops (poison!) being advocated by “doctors” for your kid’s eyes, or Ortho-K to temporarily flatten (and possibly permanently damage) your cornea, or using subconscious sales tricks to get you to buy glasses, this category has it all.  You’ll see it all, you’ll marvel and wonder how you may have missed out on all the ways you could be getting screwed.  Enjoy!

NLP?! Optometry Times Advocates Sketchy Sales Tactics To Sell Glasses

Oh boy. What if there was an optician training video out there, advocating the use of subconscious tricks to hard-sell you glasses?  An entirely dodgy 1970's concept to "program" your subconscious brain, used today by optician sales trainers to get you to buy things?  Is that ethical?  Or is that just straight up make-belief comedy? Yikes-town, here we come. Somebody may have to dig out the camera and make a video edit on this topic.   It's hard to even pick a [...]

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How To Get Independent (Optometrist) Verification Of Improving Eyesight

If you're here reading, you probably wear glasses, and have myopia. Who got you into this mess? Hopefully if you are here reading, you've already experienced some success in reducing your myopia.  You hopefully already have measurable 20/20 gains and are using the awesomeness of this bloglet to keep you motivated and keep learning more tricks. The questions is still here, though.  Who got you into higher and higher myopia? You know exactly who we're talking about.  (*cough-optometrists*) So do [...]

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Bates Method: PALMING (And Better Ideas)

Have you been up all night, searching for the ultimate guide on Bates Method palming exercises?  Are wondering just how to best put your hands on your face? Then this guide is for you! Warning:  If you have an irrational and possibly highly emotional belief that Bates Method is amazing, you maybe won't like this post completely.  Because as usual, we'll be mixing a bit of truth and education in with some gratuitous sarcasm. First, realize that Bates Method as [...]

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The Deep End: Optometrist Mutiny!

Welcome back, kitteh.  It's been a minute!  Let's have an interesting bit of eyeball story time.  😉 If you ever have the dubious fortune of meeting your darling eye guru, you may notice some level of dissonance.  Chill and relaxed maybe on the surface, but there's some less-calm energy just under all that.  Restless bits.  In this cat's head there's an ongoing struggle not to flip out, or run off for an adventure, or have a heated debate, or dive into some [...]

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Won’t Do LASIK, Eye Doctor Calls Her A Coward

You saw the title and clicked.  You're expecting a rant from uncle Jakey. But no. This is going to go all differently.  A bit of a public service announcement, this post.  Be aware that questioning your doctor's diagnosis is neither polite nor appropriate.  Even if it sounds like a sales pitch to your admittedly untrained, non-medically educated little clueless ears, don't start asking a bunch of questions.  You came to the professional for professional advice, you got the advice.   Also, this post [...]

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Does The Optometrist Respect You?

Respect.  Glasses.  A Jake post.  Oh-oh, you say. Don't worry, this will be an entirely rant-free post.  We're just going to take a bit of a look at what should be acceptable interaction with you as customer, and what might be less so. Let's start here:  The optic shop is a business and you are a customer. Curiously and what you may want to contemplate first, is the often notable disconnect between the outside of this sort of establishment, and the inside of [...]

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