Samuel Making The 20/20 Gains: -2.00 Down To -1.25 In 5 Months

*above, what all people in Finland look like … more on that in a moment.

The e-mail is the usual torrent of messages, and your darling eye guru has been getting lazy.

Yes, it’s true.  I’ve been neglectful about taking screenshots and re-posting some of the gains our readers have been making and writing in about.  Bad Jake!  Let’s get back on that subject since it’s so key, and one of my very favorite things about this whole project.  

It’s Samuel’s turn today, writing from Finland:



There we go.  Makes my day, this kind of thing.

And pat yourself on the back too (unless you’re one of the lurkers who never writes, or otherwise contributes – bad lurker, bad!).  Like I keep saying, this site continues to exist because of your contributions.  There’s no way I’d write a daily blog post, answer Quora questions, make YouTube videos, run the Facebook group, and maintain a structured program with forum and all, without all of your feedback and participation.

Want more community discussion and help with your myopia?  See our darling Facebook group!

(Actually just today I got a really nice e-mail asking for more YouTube stuff.  I’m still not cool with videos but it’s that kind of encouragement that makes everything happen.)

So because of you, Samuel is going to find his way out of myopia.  He very accurately realized that it’s not just about vision, but also social skills, especially starting at that age.  You are going to be a bit of weirdo with glasses, seriously.  I’d know because I was a huge weirdo (you still are Jake, you think to yourself).  Peeping out from behind a set of plastic lenses really doesn’t help your cause, when you’re already battling puberty and all sorts of peers who are mysteriously suddenly all good looking, while you’re still a huge nerd.

No glasses.  That seriously is part of every little bit of not-handicap you need, as a teenager.  Samuel is going to turn that corner, with his -1.25.  He’s looking at six months to a year of continually decreasing lens wear, and then pretty decent 20/20 most of the time.

Also, girls in Finland.  


Get on those social skills, Samuel.

We joke around a bit but under it all, I really do feel Samuel’s pain.  I wish I hadn’t descended into nerd world in my teenage years, ignored for sports teams and gone off to hide in books.

Help those kids out.  Don’t talk them into things, just point them in the right direction.



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