The Endmyopia E-Book (Free Download)

Wish everything worthwhile on endmyopia was in one easy-to-read ebook?

Would you like to get all the secrets, all the quick tips, all the exercises, all the things that get you results, right now, right away, in a single PDF that’ll take no more than one hour to read?

Would you like it to be free, and maybe include Jake’s e-mail and maybe his Skype contact info, perhaps a Jake phone number for a quick free phone consult?

Then you’re in luck!


You may or may not know that the author of this resource, the mythical eye guru known as Jake, is a little tricky at times.  


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There’s no free ebook.  Get out of here, asking me for an ebook.

There’s no paid ebook either.  There’s no Jake Skype, and there’s definitely no Jake phone number (you might find it hard to believe if you’re a reasonable sort of person, but people ask me for a number to call me, all the time).  There’s not even a quick shortcut to all the exercises and things that work, something you could read in an hour and be done with.  There’s no secret answer of special glasses or special vitamins or some other thing you could do zero work for (and it has to be free too, let’s not forget).  

Hopefully all the fix-it-for-me-now-Jake, freeloading, lazy nitwits clicked out of this post by now.  Glasses are perfect for them.  And LASIK.  Quick, easy, no effort fix.  It’s not for everyone, the challenge of putting in the actual work for actual success.

Let’s talk good news.  You can absolutely get all the answers here, to fixing your own eyes.

You Want The 20/20 Gains?

It’s just like going to the gym to get ripped and in shape.  It’s just like being wealthy or successful, however you might define that.  There’s no real shortcut to any of it.  

It takes work.  Patience, dedication.  If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.

And meanwhile everything you need, is here.  Years and years of work and research and results of thousands of people’s experiences, here, free, available for you.  It’s not in an ebook because an ebook isn’t going to work.  Anything you can consume in an hour isn’t the answer to anything worthwhile.  You need to read, digest, search, put together the puzzle pieces.  Part of the success of reversing myopia isn’t in some “exercise”, it’s in your attitude.  If your attitude is looking for quick fix shortcut, take a step back and look at your life at large.  Are you were you want to be in general?

Attitude.  Patience, persistence, reading, digging, testing, applying, tweaking, repeating.  

Building habits.  Learning.  Taking the time it takes for a plant to grow, for a baby to learn to walk, for you to adjust from your current passive vision, blind to reality existence, to getting rid of those diopters.  

Don’t try to binge on content.  Read some guides, make sense of it, take time to think about it.  Come back and read some more.  It takes time to get the full picture and it takes time to consider how what you learn may affect your beliefs about mainstream myopia treatment, and impact on your lifestyle.  The dirty secret of the self help industry is that people love to read the advice, but most won’t change their life.  They just sell books and warm and fuzzy feelings.  If I was selling you self help here, you’d find a ‘buy now’ link to a book on Amazon.

Understanding your eyes and reversing myopia is process.  It takes time to get there.  Don’t look for an ebook.  Don’t make an ebook.  Sure, be excited, realize over time you made your own notes and things that you found most effective.  And also realize that everything you need is here, in exactly the way you need it.  

(And if you are successful in life, busy with other serious projects, then you’re probably waiting for a BackTo20/20 invite … which has the structured approach that is appropriate for you, busy one.  And even that comes in small doses, not one binge-able book.  One step at a time.  Whether free or structured, all the answers are here.)




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