How To Guides.  There’s BackTo20/20, the exclusive lair of Jake’s personal students working on their eyesight.  And then there are the free guides, available to all readers, right here on @endmyopia.  So whether you prefer DIY, or don’t want to enable Jake by funding his debaucherous lifestyle, or are just dabbling, this section is for you.

A decade of eye guru experience, in hundreds of individual guide posts, many with student examples, all here in this section.  Dive right in!

How Much Work Is Getting Back To 20/20? (Less Than You Think)

Endmyopia is the perfect lazy person's destination for highly effective vision improvement. Perhaps 'lazy' is the wrong word.  Endmyopia is the perfect destination for the individual seeking the most efficient way to make serious 20/20 gains.  You might be the type who doesn't want to have to eat unicorn tear eye vitamins and remember complex old timey exercise regimens, count and record daily screen time minutes, maintain daily motivation for all those things.  You might be the type who just want usable [...]

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Video: Angie Measures Centimeter

Video time! This one it's not Jake video, but rather Angie posting in our darling Facebook group on how she does her centimeter measurement. I love these videos.  Unstaged, real, sharing individual approaches. You can find it here (part of Angie's thread with her improvement update so far). If you like this video, consider just how easy it is to make these.  Grab your smartphone, both Facebook and Youtube have apps that let you record and upload directly without any need for [...]

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How Do You Use A Test Lens Kit? (Videos)

Test lens kits.  People keep asking me how to use them, whether to use them, how to figure out if they even want to use them.   I just answered this in our darling Facebook group: Jake, always classy and professional. Here's the link to those videos: Enjoy! -Jake

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Another Quick & Awesome DIY Centimeter Measuring Tool

Centimeter.  A core tool of the endmyopia method. Since centimeter measurements translate directly to diopters, you can get a lot of valuable information from your centimeter results, inter-day fluctuation in centimeter, and knowledge about whether your glasses have the right amount of correction for your primary viewing distance. And if any of this is news to you, start with the diopter calculator. One of the greatest strengths of endmyopia is that we continue building better myopia control tools through the combined [...]

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Pro Q&A: Should You Equalize Your Differentials First?

Equalizing (reducing the diopter ratio between left and right eye spherical correction) is one of the more advanced topics here on endmyopia. We have a whole topic category just covering the subject of diopter correction.  Between that and the how-to guide category, there is a whole lot of material covering diopter changes leading up to where you may be wondering about equalization. Taking a step back, it is kind of amazing, just how much depth we have on free resources.  😉 [...]

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Where Should You Start With Diopter Reductions?

It's time to put this question in the FAQ.  Diopter reductions, where to start. First, obvious disclaimers.  Don't monkey with lenses if you don't know what you're doing.  Don't go dig up some "old prescription" and start wearing it.  Learn about the biology first, learn centimeter measurements, do a ton of reading, before messing with focal plane changes.  That stuff is no joke and you'll do way more harm than good by going into this experiment without a clear background [...]

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