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How To Guides.  There’s BackTo20/20, the exclusive lair of Jake’s personal students working on their eyesight.  And then there are the free guides, available to all readers, right here on @endmyopia.  So whether you prefer DIY, or don’t want to enable Jake by funding his debaucherous lifestyle, or are just dabbling, this section is for you.

A decade of eye guru experience, in hundreds of individual guide posts, many with student examples, all here in this section.  Dive right in!

The Big Primer On Buying Lenses (And Cost!)

Quick Lens Education:  If you're being quoted hundreds of dollars for a new pair of glasses, you may want to read this post, first.   The very last pair of optometrist "prescribed" glasses that your darling eye guru ever bought (close to -5 diopters and lots of astigmatism correction), cost me over 700 Euro. They had a very cool boutique German designed almost rubber type of tiny frame. Or frameless really, since the lenses were drilled (single screw, with a [...]

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Where Are My Gains?!

If you started recently and not seeing all the 20/20 gains (yet), this article is for you. Are you experiencing slow improvement rate?  Let's figure out the scenarios.   After a decade and thousands of students, we've got a pretty good profile for the average myope profile that we encounter here.  Give or take a few variables, this is very likely close to your own scenario, too.   The Average Myope Profile Let's see how close (or not at all close) you are [...]

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Active Focus: The Learning Curve

Initial active focus is like the baby learning to crawl.   I get lots of questions on this front, mostly from the impatient ones, wanting moar, faster, Jake, right meow!   That's fine, it's great to have enthusiasm, channel it productively.  Less great is me answering the same question four hundred million times which of course at least in part due to lacking free instructional videos.   (If you listen closely, you can just hear the freeloaders moaning in exasperation, at [...]

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Low Myopia: When Can I Stop Wearing Glasses?

You have low myopia, and you're anxious to stop wearing glasses.  You wonder, when's the right time? First you hopefully already understand underlying concepts, such as the blur horizon, diopter bubble, and active focus.  A whole lot has been written about this by your darling eye guru, like the articles why not to stop wearing glasses, and a whole category dedicated to just focal planes and what to do with them. Above is a treasure trove of insights you won't [...]

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20/x: 20/20 Is Just The Beginning

20/20 is a good starting goal.  It's plenty if you just want decent vision without needing corrective lenses.  Decent.  But there's much, much better, too.  You haven't really experienced really amazing distance vision, till you get into the single digit 20/x ranges. And you can get there. While fixing the BackTo20/20 monthly bonus session, I came across all the notes for the 20/x guide I had used in the past, mainly for serious professional athletes (including a few Olympians).   [...]

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How Much Work Is Getting Back To 20/20? (Less Than You Think)

Endmyopia is the perfect lazy person's destination for highly effective vision improvement. Perhaps 'lazy' is the wrong word.  Endmyopia is the perfect destination for the individual seeking the most efficient way to make serious 20/20 gains.  You might be the type who doesn't want to have to eat unicorn tear eye vitamins and remember complex old timey exercise regimens, count and record daily screen time minutes, maintain daily motivation for all those things.  You might be the type who just want usable [...]

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