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How To Guides.  There’s BackTo20/20, the exclusive lair of Jake’s personal students working on their eyesight.  And then there are the free guides, available to all readers, right here on @endmyopia.  So whether you prefer DIY, or don’t want to enable Jake by funding his debaucherous lifestyle, or are just dabbling, this section is for you.

A decade of eye guru experience, in hundreds of individual guide posts, many with student examples, all here in this section.  Dive right in!

Pro Topic: Low Myopia & High Astigmatism (Video)

The question of low myopia and high astigmatism has come up multiple times in the BackTo20/20 support forum, this week. Low myopia, as in 1-2 diopters. High astigmatism, as in at least 2 diopters, likely even close to 3. Which to deal with first, spherical or cylinder, is always a question to answer for yourself before starting down the road of addressing your diopter needs.  One focal plane at a time, as uncle Jake likes to say. Best case scenario [...]

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Andrew: Natural vs. Artificial Light – Results!

You wonder if it's really that important to get natural ambient light for your close-up time?  Andrew sheds some (natural) light on that question, in this post. There's an annoying tendency in a lot of teachings. And that's the tendency to add superfluous things, embellishments, hoops to make you jump through.  I personally suspect they're there just to make the teacher seem more important, the approach more complex and requiring of expert instruction.  It must be amazing, just look at [...]

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(Another) DIY Diopter Measuring Tool

This post is if you, if you're looking to make your own diopter measuring tool. Of course first there is the whole topic of centimeters and diopters covered in various posts in the lens and diopter blog category.  And also of course with endmyopia being by far the largest and most comprehensive science based vision improvement resource online, readers and students have created various similar forms of diopter measuring tools. Adding to the list is this DIY solution, posted by Charleen: [...]

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Glasses vs. Contact Lenses: The Correct Focal Plane

Are your contact lenses and glasses the same exact (relative) correction?  They better be! Focal planes are the key to all things myopia.  Your eye being a dynamic system, constantly adjusting to seek ideal eyesight, uses focal plane feedback to calibrate itself.  This aspect of our biology is elegant and so complex that we barely begin to scratch the surface on how it works.   And yet ... we go monkey around with artificial focal plane changes, like it's no [...]

Do This: The Ciliary Spasm Test

Step numero uno to improving your eyesight is ... controlling your close-up strain. Why? Because close-up strain (or more accurately the underlying focusing muscle spasm) is what got you into the whole myopia problem in the first place.  You want to address causality of any problem first, make sure the hole in the boat is plugged before you start bailing out water.   Right?  You can remove as much water as you want, but if the hole is still there [...]

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A Complicated Differential Reduction Scenario (Pro Topic)

Pro topic.  Don't go monkeying around with diopters until you really know what you're doing.  Messing around with diopter ratio, making focal plane changes, all creates a series of interactions with your visual cortex.  If you don't know what you're doing you might at minimum cause unnecessary discomfort - or more negatively, impact your opportunities for future progress. Quick post today, with just part of a BackTo20/20 forum thread.   This one highlights how changes (improvements) in your vision that [...]

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