Video.   If you’re here on purpose, looking for video of the eye guru himself, then all we can say … you did this to yourself.

Highly experimental, completely disorganized, confusingly edited video, by Jake.  That’s what you’ll find here.  While it may be less educational than the written word you’re hopefully browsing while visiting with us, some of the video may aide in your quest to improve your eyesight.  Just don’t say we didn’t warn you about the quality of the various productions.

Myopia: Do You Accept Their Diagnosis? (Video)

Myopia is for life. Most will never even contemplate that it could be the treatment, the very "prescription", causing the future degrading of their eyesight.   They aren't likely to ever find the professional journals that discuss optometry's role in increasing myopia.   They aren't allowed to make their own choices about a curved piece of clear plastic they may want (or not want) to put in front of their eyes, even if it causes more of the symptom.  To contemplate the mere possibility of escaping myopia, you'd have to become a renegade.  Making sense of clinical studies [...]

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Pinhole Glasses Reviewed: Do They Work (To Improve Eyesight)?

Pinhole glasses.  Why do I suddenly see more clearly if I wear them?  What does that mean for my long term eyesight?  Should I keep using them or are they just more Internet unicorn poop droppings?   Variations of this question arrive on the doorstep of endmyopia frequently, lots of people apparently want to know if pinhole glasses can really improve your eyesight.   Well ... do pinhole glasses improve eyesight? Let's dive right in, let's understand the optical properties possibly magical glasses, [...]

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... repost from endmyopia Facebook thread: You might one day find yourself creating myopia myth-busting related content. Random posts. Or even better, quick videos. Right now reading this you might think, nah Jake. Never will happen.  Don't be so sure, though ... it sneaks up on you.  You see that upload button on your Facebook phone app, you had a glass of wine already, you find yourself pointing the phone camera at your face. Recording your opinions and ideas and [...]

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Video: Angie Measures Centimeter

Video time! This one it's not Jake video, but rather Angie posting in our darling Facebook group on how she does her centimeter measurement. I love these videos.  Unstaged, real, sharing individual approaches. You can find it here (part of Angie's thread with her improvement update so far). If you like this video, consider just how easy it is to make these.  Grab your smartphone, both Facebook and Youtube have apps that let you record and upload directly without any need for [...]

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PRO TOPIC: High Myopia First Differential (focal plane challenges)

High myopia can be tricky to start working on, especially if you are starting out with a complex correction scenario. Astigmatism, likely even different diopter value and different degree values for both eyes, plus the high spherical correction, plus diopter ratio in left vs. right eye - it's a delicate knot that you want to start to untangle with some care and planning. On this subject, here's a post from Marina in the support forum: This, not an entirely unlikely initial [...]

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Step Into My Time Machine

First rule of endmyopia club, let's have fun with all the things. Yesterday, the drama with Bates fans in the Facebook group.  That's fine, let's get all wound up on occasion.  Then Jake says, enough with the Bates talk.  But even then, several people still have to have the last word.  If you like to read into things, you might almost think they're heckling the poor old frail eye guru on his little mountain hideout. "Think about it Jake, you are [...]

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