We’re Hiring: Help Endmyopia Make New Friends

Endmyopia needs help.  Perhaps even your help.

Let’s take some inventory:  There’s this excellent site with all the tools to help you fix your eyesight.  There’s an incredibly supportive Facebook group of darling members.  There’s a YouTube channel, which while rambley and confounding, is also awesome.  There’s us on Quora, crushing it on myopia insights.  

It’s a great platform for DIY, natural myopia control.  And yet …

We Need To Be More Social. 

Not talking about guest blog posts and finding “social media influencers”.  

There are a lot of amazing, symbiotic, related resources out there.  Similarly out-of-the-box communities on every subject, from diabetes to hypothyroidism, many and yet rare islands in oceans of Internet nonsense.  It’s hard to find truth online, but when you do it’s amazing to realize the knowledgeable communities on a huge range of topics.

Somebody should go, hey.  We should chat.  We should introduce our respective audiences to new ideas.  Ideas that are worth sharing.

The tough part is finding the realness, and then dots have to be connected.  Introductions need to be made.  

This could be you.

Want more community discussion and help with your myopia?  See our darling Facebook group!

Are you an extrovert?  Enthusiastic about endmyopia?  Gifted in sniffing out the unicorn farmers and separating the nonsense from the truth?

Starting to sound like a sale pitch.  Reign it in, Jake.

Let’s Figure Out The Details.

Let’s make this scenario awesome together.

Initial thoughts:  Part time, about 3 hours a day, in keeping with our general philosophy for close-up time.  (also, who’s actually productive every day, for much longer anyway?)

We’ll come up with some tangible goals for contact and connections and ways to measure success.  I’ll look to you for ideas and input on this one.  

Incentive:  Flexible here as well.  Pay by hour, week, month.  Or potentially, a BackTo20/20 membership and Jake support for you.  Or a combination of BackTo20/20 and goal connected financial incentives.  I’m a huge fan of doing things for a reason, besides just punching a clock and collecting a paycheck.  Vision and enthusiasm and sure, paying the bills, but mainly doing something you feel passionate about.

So.  Do you feel passionate about the idea of introducing endmyopia to other worthy communities, exploring mutual benefits, being the extrovert piece of this puzzle?

Drop VonDerJake a line, use your extrovert style and Jedi communication skills to make a compelling introduction.  Why you and how will be an irreplaceable asset, and how does this idea fit perfectly into your aspirations and your every day and all the things.  Get a guru to nod and scratch his imaginary beard, and not be able to help himself but write back and feel irresistibly intrigued to work with you (a great test for your potential fit, since most other community leaders will be similarly busy and cautious about random Internet inquiries).  

Bring it on!  😉



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We’re Hiring: Help Endmyopia Make New Friends
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