Jake’s 7 Day Guide To Better Eyesight

Get the amazing free guide that has helped literally tens of thousands of people find their way out of shortsightedness.

We’ve been running this e-mail program for the past ten years now – and it’s been responsible for many of the thousands of improvement reports you find in our Facebook group, forum, and Website.  As old Jakey keeps saying, your eyes aren’t broken or genetically defective.

They’ve just been ‘misaligned’ with close-up strain, and the terrible shortsighted (heh) solution that is glasses.  The way out of all that though, very achievable:

Yup, Seneca and tens of thousands of others.

What endmyopia is not though, is some sort of babysitting quick-fix Internet influencer lifestyle coach shortcut of “just teh stepz, bro”.

We leave that one up to the Bates Method teachers and all their hyperbole.

Endmyopia will not let you “throw away your glasses” in some miraculously short time, or without any effort or learning.  We don’t have the “one weird trick” and we don’t pretend science and biology isn’t real, like so many of the unicorn farmers online.

We also don’t just have a Website full of teasers, all just to sell you some nonsense course.  All of our resources and tools are freely available.  Over 1,200 how-to guides, a wiki with hundreds of articles, a Facebook group with over 25,000 members, Youtube channel with 40,000 subscribers, private forum with 90,000 monthly visitors.  We’re not the online course sales monkeys you’ll find most everywhere else.

Thousands of documented progress reports, only on endmyopia.

Why all this preamble when you’re already on the e-mail sign-up page?

Because, expectations.

This isn’t about to be some big reveal, obvious thing you missed, some eye vitamin you can pop and just go on with endlessly scrolling on your screen.  This is a real, proper (also, free) course.  Meaning, things to read, understand, research, learn.

Update:  We now also run a video course, occasionally.  See links and schedules in the e-mail guide.

Course Contents:

  • Today: The Truth About Myopia: Science & Biology
  • Day 2:  Glasses, The 100 Billion Dollar Lie
  • Day 3:  Measuring Your Eyesight (the right way)
  • Day 4:  Centimeter Numbers: Interpreting Vision Changes
  • Day 5:  Want Better Eyesight? Stop Doing This One Thing
  • Day 6:  Differential Glasses: This Stops The ‘Bad’ Signal
  • Day 7:  Active Focus: This Creates The Positive Stimulus

Brace yourself, because this will be a hardcore seven days.  We’ll literally start out with concrete proof of how the retail optometry establishment is directly lying to you.  It’s truly shocking stuff.

And then we’ll go through all the basic tools and habit changes needed to get your eyes back to normal.

Kids, too.  Kids, especially.

It’s learning time!  Remember to check video course dates as well.  Those do depend on the Jake schedule and require registration.  They are the sequel to the e-mail guide though, only took 10 years to get around to making that one!

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