Clare: Dropped 3 Diopters In 1.5 Years

Another miraculous improvement in the "mysterious genetic condition" that is human myopia. Clare knows something they don't, apparently.

Mar 28,2020 · 2 min read

Haven’t done one of these update posts in a while, kittehz!

Podcasts though, working on those quite a bit.

Anyway.  We should not entirely neglect the many improvement updates in the Facebook group, forum, and e-mails.  Largely best is to see them for yourself by being a member in the group and forum, occasionally poking your head in for some motivation.

The Facebook group, or the forum, or the YouTube channel, or your favorite podcast app, the majestically wafting-in-the-mountain-air guru beard is everywhere and anywhere you may prefer to find yourself.

Treat yourself to some guru beard.

Here’s Clare:

You’re witnessing historicalness in the making.

It’s a paradigm change, slowly unfolding before your very eyes.

We never had a real answer for how to deal with myopia.  Just Internet unicorn farming, books that are are more or less guesses of various sorts, approaches that may be promising but never have been fully put to the test with many thousands of participants.

Not until now, not until we combined the power of global Internet with some science and biology musing, and a lot of trial and error, have we come to a definitive conclusion on how to address myopia in human creatures.

It’s too soon, of course.  The first sighting of a new idea, without having been vetted and confirmed and replicated by other sources, is always dubious.

It’ll take another few decades (or years, come on think positive!) possibly for this to go past one outsider’s musings, and your individual experiences, to an actual discussion in mainstream consciousness.  

In the meantime, you are a pioneer of your own darling favorite eyeballs.

So venture forth, and make all the 20/20 gains!


-Jake VonderQuarantine

(in case that title doesn’t age well, this was written before the global zombie “this vaccine will work” apocalypse)


Formerly genetically defective. 🤓 Weaned off retail optometry lens subscriptions, now 20/20 eyesight. Also into BJJ, kitesurfing, paragliding, being stupid.

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