Q&A: Too Much Active Focus?

Yes, you can overdo things, including active focus. Though if you do, you'll definitely know it. The symptoms are rather obvious!

Jun 09,2020 · 1 min read

The question was recently asked in the BackTo20/20 support forum:  

“Am I overdoing active focus?”

This really gets into the nitty gritty of daily habits and implementing stimulus concepts into your lifestyle.

I made a video explaining when you may be overdoing it with the active focus.  It’s available as part of the Rough Guide with pro topic videos, as well as BackTo20/20 – see the courses page.  

If you aren’t currently a supporter of endmyopia via any of the courses, here’s the cliff notes:

If you’re getting headaches, tension in your eyes, reduced centimeter measurements, or dry eyes following a long active focus session, then you’re overdoing it.  There should be no symptoms of any kind following active focus work.  

Further, it’s more important to build a habit of doing active focus regularly, than doing a whole lot of it at any one time.  

I’ve also made quite a few videos discussing active focus and habits, over in our YouTube channel.

Keep making all those 20/20 gains!




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