Shelly Reduces 3 Diopters (From -8.00) | Shortsighted Podcast

Reducing 3 diopters from -8 is no small feat. We’ll dig into it in this podcast episode, along with some fun digressions along the way.

Jul 08,2020 · 2 min read

Finally, another podcast episode!

For a bit of behind-the-scenes, an ole Beard has been stuck on an island in Thailand, patiently waiting for various borders to open again.

Not as perfect as it sounds, having to miss the birth of various children, and just generally having been away from family for more months than is entirely great.  Making the best of it though, hence islands and finding ways to amusedly pass the time.

Which hasn’t included a whole lot of podcast episodes.

Your favorite old pretend-guru didn’t bring any camera gear, tripods, mics, or even laptops.  Just a very empty carry-on bag and a bunch of local bank notes.  And an iPhone and an iPad which turned out to be less than totally ideal for editing things.

Making it work.

Whatever Apple claims about iPads being the ‘new computer’ is currently a whole lot of wishful thinking, along with an endless list of bugs, inconveniences, workarounds, hacks, under-beard cursing.  And also mental images of millennial Youtubers reviewing iPads and acting like they’re even most vaguely useful for anything more than a coaster for your mini tripod.

Trying stuff out, though.  Not yet too old to waste lots of time on new ideas.

But you’re here for the podcast episode.  Which turned out pretty good, actually.  Check it out:

Recorded on an iPhone, edited on an iPad.  Not voluntarily.

One good learning lesson from it, iPhone is very doable for podcasts.  No more lugging piles of gear around to get an episode done.  

So yay for that!

Hopefully you enjoyed the actual episode.  There are a few more in the works also, especially once I get back to the proper laptop here in the next few days.

And you can find this and all other episodes in your favorite podcast app (including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and many others) from our podcast page.

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