Helmut’s 77th Birthday: -5.25 To -1.50 D

Can you reverse myopia at any age? Why yes, yes you can.

Jul 27,2020 · 1 min read


The times of Internets when you’d post things on Websites and people read them, has passed.

Now it’s all podcasts and high production quality YouTube videos, and TickTock and whatever whatnots that an old man has no idea about.

Do they sell beard wax?  No?  Then I don’t care.

Helmut though, even if you might have to excuse me for an old-timey copy-paste job here, is worth mentioning:

Well played, Helmut.

Now the question is, can I get Helmut on our podcast.

Way more work than this copy-paste.  E-mailing, asking, hoping that somebody isn’t too camera shy or worried about privacy or just not tempted.  Then if against all odds we get a yes, must coordinate time zones, set a schedule, remember schedule, show up for the cast, then edit and sort out and upload and stuff.

It’s a lot of work, yee darlings.  For which I don’t get paid or laid or anything really of consequence, rather than our collective undying affinity for not being scammed by the lens-selling industrial complex.

So, onward.  More podcast episodes inbound.


Jake LeGrumpelstiltskin



Formerly genetically defective. 🤓 Weaned off retail optometry lens subscriptions, now 20/20 eyesight. Also into BJJ, kitesurfing, paragliding, being stupid.

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3 Diopters

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