Below, a few notes from yours truly.  Not meant to be intimidating legal jargon, nonetheless please do respect original work and share responsibly.

Endmyopia Trademark

Endmyopia is a registered trademark.  We take the use of our brand seriously and pursue all misuse of our mark to the full extent of international trademark protections.  Especially if 1) used to mislead the public by creating content that is not endmyopia-based but claiming as such or 2) seeking personal financial gain from the use of the endmyopia trademark, we will take all corrective actions necessary to stop abuse.  

Please direct all questions regarding the use of the endmyopia trademark, to our support staff.

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Standard copyright notice below.  Please be nice when sharing endmyopia content.  Ask if you’re not sure, give credit where it’s due.

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Payment Processing & Legal Entity

Endmyopia courses and paid content is managed by Frauenfeld Vision Care Ltd.  You will see Frauenfeld referenced in credit card payment receipts and Paypal transactions.  This entity serves solely for legal, administrative, and accounting purposes and bears no other affiliations.  Trademarks, intellectual property, and copyright ownership are managed by Vision Sciences Holdings, Ltd.

Legal Name Use

Jake Steiner is a pseudonym.  My identity is no state secret (see my public Instagram account and long standing Youtube channel), I don’t use my ‘given’ name for most formats of interaction.  

While I elect not to use (or advertise) my birth name, you are certainly welcome ask for it (considerations for legitimate reasons).  

Correspondence Address

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