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Audrey: -2.75 To No Glasses | Shortsighted Podcast

Meow, darlings.

A quick heads up in case you haven’t seen some of the podcast style improvement chats with fellow participants.

A while back we talked to Audrey, who gains-ed her way from -2.75 daily wearing of nerd goggles, to being largely free of the pesky plastic lens subscription.  Praise be to the four eyed beardly gods and goddesses, and no praise to the lens subscription sellers.

Jake, you’re thinking.  Lay off the coffee, mmmkay?

Don’t judge me!

Here’s Audrey:


Your favorite old Jakenstein has been busy kitesurfing and not posting here.

Likewise no new episodes since the Internet here borders on un-usable, and also leaving for the beach every morning as early as possible.  It’s a delicate balance between sharing ideas and living them, making sure you get what you need, and Beardenhausen getting some time in on the waves.

Be good.  And take those eyeballs outside, make some 20/20 gains!



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