Hello darlings.

Today, no rant.   Just a quick clip for fellow parents worried about some retail optometry diagnosis.

Yes, Lina reversed her child’s myopia.  Times three.

Your kids don’t need glasses.  If you give them glasses, next year their myopia will have gone up by one diopter.  And the year after that, another.

And the year after that ….

Yes that’s how eye biology works.

Here’s a quick clip from Lina’s update on getting off that whole silly subscription circuit, early:

Many thousands of parents have figured out how to reverse child myopia.

Some may say it’s because of some old cranky dude working tirelessly for decades to bring some truth to the world.  Others say it’s just crazy talk.

And yet others say … well who cares honestly.  At this point there are tens of thousands of stories of people having reversed their myopia, and there are no mysteries or surprises left.   We all know that McDonalds isn’t good for you and that your politicians aren’t intent on making your life better.  Or wait … it is and they do.  Right?

Whichever side of the corporate narratives you prefer, go make some 20/20 gains.