Latest Shortsighted Podcast episode, now live.

It’s maybe the most telling one of all of them yet.  20/15 is not that common and once you watch / listen to it, you’ll know why.

You’ll also know how to replicate Vlad’s success yourself.

Endmyopia striketh again.

Jakey be slow, Jakey be of ill advisable humor.  But in the end, ole Jakey always delivers the goods.

A few short clips from the episode:

Hmmm yea.  Stargazing without glasses.

There’s a thing you can’t cheat and don’t have to wonder if your vision is really there or not.  You see tiny star constellation only if your vision is eagle sharp.  Ants-in-space, sharp.

Vlad was up at 6AM to make this show happen.

And Jakey was up.  At all.

Now.  About half of Shortsighted Podcast episodes are available, free and public.  The other half as a token of appreciation for those who actually support endmyopia.

Stroll with me down memory lane, darling.

Jakey used to be a huge hippie.  Made his own shoes and all.  Was all about the commune and free and we all in this together.   Did a bunch of LSD and mushrooms and you know, go to Burning Man before it was trendy and cool.  Then sadly, over the last decade online learnd that while plenty of people fit this common idea, other plenty, don’t.  Stealing, copying, entitle-ing, you name it.  Reality burned ole Jakey’s idealism a bit and also and meanwhile the endmyopia bills are ever present and ever piling.  So while we’ll always be doing free stuff, we also do “premium” stuff.  Stuff for real community, real supporters, the people that help make this happen and keep it happening.

Cry me a river, you’re thinking.  Cry me a riiiiiiiiiver.

There’s nothing else online that replicates what we do.  People come up with eyesight unicorn farms, but at the end of the day it’s a couple of decades of dogged persistence and daily, 365 days a year work, that makes real sh*t happen.  Perhaps it takes a certain disagreeable personality and attitude to make a thing like this work.  A thing that’s not profitable, doesn’t fit mainstream narratives, is run by a guy who actually just wants to be at the beach and chill, or do things that don’t involve screens.  You know it’s true just by the fact that there is no other endmyopia anywhere.

The main key takeaway to remember is always this:  Jake don’t give a f*ck.  Not going to live forever, the world is full of idiots and shortsighted creatures (that can’t be helped).   You have to do you.  In this case it’s putting the finger to a 100 billion dollar a year industry.

To guys like Vlad and the 500,000 regular monthly visitors that stop by endmyopia, thanks for all the kind words and support.  I know, it’s a sometimes-cranky sh*t show.  It goes on though and so many people end up with way better eyesight.

Full episode, available publicly temporarily:

Go make some 20/20 gains.


-Jakey, caffeinated (yet again yikes)