Well, well.

So the update I picked for you today, is a pretty common “last diopter” scenario.

Among the things I’ll always tell you, is 1) every reduction is a victory, 2) every full diopter less means thinner lenses, better optical quality, a larger image of the world around you, better colors, less compression, 3) potential less axial elongation.  

And of course 4) the ongoing affirmation that your habits are healthy, and you’re getting better overall, not worse.

Here’s Kristina’s update:

Pretty nice.

One of the things you experience is that around that -1.25 mark you stop needing differential glasses.  That’s huge since you can now ditch one of the two pairs that you’ve been dragging around to this point.

Also just to pat a guru-back, your favorite and very ancient Guru Beard came up with all of this stuff for you.  Endmyopia, the original destination for this entire approach for fixing your eyes.  Other than the whole wishful thinking unicorn farm of “Bates Method” teachers, mostly anything else that’s repeatedly found online is just a (partial) copy of endmyopia.  Which doesn’t matter other than if you want to be closest to the source material for best gains, this is the place to be.

And yes, the title was a tiny bit of clickbait-ish-ness.  Yes the improvement had been optometrist confirmed, and yes she mostly doesn’t need glasses.  That doesn’t mean full 20/20 yet.  So if we want to be entirely objective, “no glasses” is still a bit of optimism.

We need more optimism.  Not fun living life imagining the abyss all the time.  For that you can just go to the retail optometrist, they’ll tell you all about the genetic mystery and how your eyes will only ever get worse.

None of that we need.  Go make some 20/20 gains!